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Acoustic Panels that Reduce Noise

  Reduce Background Noise,
  Custom Sizes
  & Affordable Options.
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About Our Acoustic Panels

Soft Sound® Acoustic Panels are a Wall or Ceiling Mounted high quality acoustic product that absorbs background noise. They are custom designed and built to your specifications so you have total flexibility to create your own space.

Our Acoustic Panels are perfect for Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Homes, Home Theaters, Recording Studios and any space where you need acoustic improvement. Set up quiet working environments in an office or create a qiet dining area in a busy restaurant. Create a perfect recording environment in a recording studio or optimize the home theater experiance with these professional acoustic panels.

The best part about Soft Sound® Acoustic Panels is you have unlimited options in terms of size and fabric options. Create your own acoustically private space with Soft Sound® Acoustic Panels!

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Acoustic Analysis!
(A $500.00 Value)
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Acoustic Panel Models
Standard Acoustic Panel
Acoustic Panel
(200 Series)
Impact Resistant Acoustic Panel
Impact Resistant
Acoustic Panel
(300 Series)
Free Standing Acoustic Partition
Free Standing
Acoustic Partition
Hanging Acoustic Baffle
Acoustic Baffle
(250 Series)
Hanging Acoustic Cloud
Acoustic Cloud
ALL Acoustic Panel Models 
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