Acoustic Partitions

Whether you need to split an open office space into several smaller spaces, or reduce the echo in a restaurant without committing to a remodel, free-standing acoustic partitions can help you create quiet, custom spaces that give you the flexibility to change your layout every day of the week. Udderly Quiet™ acoustic partitions are custom made with noise-absorbing fiberglass on the inside, and personality-fitting fabric colors, textures, images or artwork of your choosing on the outside. Soundproofing a room or area has never been so easy. They arrive fully assembled and are light enough to be moved around a room by one or two people. Acoustic partitions are an excellent option if you need to reduce echo, increase privacy, cut back background noise or “build” a temporary soundproof room within a room.

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    Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Partition

    Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Partitions are a high quality acoustic product that absorbs background noise. They are custom designed to your specifications so you have total flexibility

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