Automotive Soundproofing and Automotive Sound Dampening

car soundproofing

Cars bring with them differing levels of sound. Many modern vehicles are designed to dampen both exterior and internal noise, while older cars may offer little or no protection from the sounds of your car or the road.

If you have a loud car, or one that’s poorly insulated against exterior sound, you may be surprised to learn that there is a solution. Car soundproofing is a real, realistic option, and there are some great soundproofing products for cars available today.

Types of Car Noise

There are two main types of car noise that most drivers will have to contend with. One is road noise. This is the noise you encounter from the environment as you’re driving. Honking cars, construction work, sirens, radios — these can all contribute to road noise. You can escape road noise by driving in quieter areas, but this isn’t always feasible.

The other main type of car noise comes from the engine. While you should listen to your car for sounds that it shouldn’t be making, some regular engine noise is standard, and if you have a particularly loud engine, it can get very frustrating, as this is noise that you cannot escape. It goes wherever you go.

Your car may have a very quiet engine but be poorly insulated against external road noise. Or, you may be well-protected from external noise but have a loud engine. Whether you have either of these problems or both, there are car soundproofing solutions you can implement.

Why Do You Need Car Soundproofing?

Car noise is more than just a nuisance — it can also be a distraction. Although most of us are used to driving fairly automatically, the fact is that it does require focus and concentration, and loud sounds can break that concentration, making driving more hazardous. Long-term exposure to loud sounds can also lead to hearing loss and other related problems.

How to Soundproof a Car

The different types of sound generated by cars require different approaches when figuring out how to soundproof. Here are the best ways to resolve the different types of car noise issues:

  • Engine Noise: For engine noise, we recommend application of the Soundproof Cow Quiet Barrier Specialty Composite, because it can resist heat while reducing significant levels of noise transfer.
  • Road Noise: Soundproof Cow offers a variety of products that are great for managing road noise, including Quiet Barrier soundproofing composite and Vibra Block or RoadBlockR sound-deadening material. You can apply these products as floor liners, window trimmers and door insulation.

When properly applied, these products absorb external noise so you have a quiet, comfortable ride whether you’re on a pleasant drive out in the country, navigating inner city street traffic or racing down a busy highway.

Soundproof Cow Car Soundproofing Solutions

You can find all the car soundproofing solutions for your vehicles over at Soundproof Cow, the experts on all types of noise control. We offer tools to help you find and apply the right car soundproofing solutions for you, as well as all the products you need for the quiet driving experience you’ve been craving.

To find the products that offer you the best solutions for your car noise issues, visit Soundproof Cow now.

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