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How to Soundproof a Door

Door Soundproofing: Why It's Important

Doors often contribute the most to noise issues, making them an important element in any acoustical treatment.

The largest gap in a wall (and weakest link for soundproofing) is a doorway. Often the space around the door leak noise. Adding to the issue is that most interior doors have a hollow core. While this makes them more cost-effective, it causes more noise problem

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How to Soundproof a Door

Complete door soundproofing requires extensive alterations to the existing door frame and labor-intensive construction. The weight of the door and its assembly can range from 300 to 500 pounds.

Below are some cost-effective alternatives that will soundproof a door while saving you time, money and energy.

High Quality Seals and Door Sweeps

Adding high quality seals around the door frame and installing an automatic or static door sweep can greatly reduce the transmission of sound in a doorway.

We recommend Quiet Door™ Adjustable Perimeter Seals, which reduce sound transfer by forming a tight fit around the perimeter of a door. These seals can be used on both wood and metal doors.

Made of heavy duty aluminum framing and long-lasting silicone seals, Quiet Door™ Adjustable Perimeter Seals include all stainless steel hardware needed for install. Not only are they long-lasting, they are also adjustable. As the sealing material shifts from age or temperature changes, a quick turn of a screwdriver is all it takes to re-establish the seal.

Our most popular door sweep product is Quiet Door™ Automatic Door Sweep. It works by forming a tight fit against the threshold of a door, automatically re-sealing each time the door is shut. This product can also be installed on both wood and metal doors. Because it uses silicone, Quiet Door™ Automatic Door Sweep is long-lasting, durable and resistant.

Acoustic Panels for Doors

Another way to effectively soundproof a door is by using an acoustic panel. We feature Quiet Door® Acoustic Panels made from our best soundproofing materials. This two-part composite includes a sound deadening, visco-elastic polymer with an attractive, fabric-wrapped, high-density door covering.

Door Kits

We also offer complete door kits for residential, commercial and industrial soundproofing needs. They include all the products you'll need to soundproof your door. For details, see Quiet Door™ Residential Door Soundproofing Kit, Quiet Door™ Commercial Door Soundproofing Kit, or Quiet Door™ Industrial Door Soundproofing Kit.


Any door soundproofing project can be improved by caulking around the door trim with an acoustic sealant. We recommend OSI® Pro-Series® SC-175™ Acoustical Sound Sealant.


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