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Quiet Barrier™ Fiberglass Composite



If you are in need of fiberglass soundproofing barriers for your home or business, take a look at Quiet Barrier™ Fiberglass Composite. The Quiet Barrier™ Fiberglass Composite is a fiberglass blanket containing our proven Quiet Barrier™ soundproofing material bound with a reinforced polyester film facing for a Class A™ panel that can serve a variety of needs.

Easy to Install for Your Soundproofing Requirements

This fiberglass soundproofing barrier is an extremely flexible soundproofing solution that can prove very useful in locations such as construction sites or warehouses — where you can throw it over a noisy machine to block sound that could be distracting or even harming workers, or over fences or walls to keep your site more secure. It’s available in four-square-foot or eight-square-foot sizes, so it’s simple to get the amount you need.

You can also easily adhere these Quiet Barrier™ Fiberglass Composite blankets to walls or floors through the use of one of our many reliable soundproofing adhesives, such as our PL® Construction Adhesive. Order our Reinforced Aluminum Tape as well to completely cover up the seams between the composite sheets you install. These one-inch thick fiberglass blankets are sturdy and reliable to meet heavy-duty soundproofing project requirements.

Order Your Quiet Barrier™ Fiberglass Composite

If you’ve been in search of a fiberglass barrier with the excellent sound blocking and deadening qualities of our Quiet Batt™ soundproofing insulation, you’ve found it here. Many of our customers find that once they’ve tried this product once, they want to come back and order it again and again. Order yours today!


Dimensions 2 ft. x 2 ft. OR 2 ft. x 4 ft.
Thickness 1 in.
Weight 2×2 ft. = 4 lbs., 2×4 ft. = 8 lbs.
Coverage 2×2 ft. = 4 sqft., 2×4 ft. = 8 sqft.
Quantity 1 sheet
STC Rating 29
Availability Usually ships in 3-5 weeks


Quiet Barrier™ Fiberglass Composite is a mechanically bound fiberglass blanket combined with our Quiet Barrier™ soundproofing material and a reinforced mylar facing creating a Class A™ panel with excellent acoustical properties.

Installation Details

Tools Needed: Caulk Gun (for adhesive), Level, Utility Knife, Tape Measure, Pencil

Materials Needed: PL® Construction Adhesive (for products without PSA), Reinforced Aluminum Tape (for the seams)

Installation PDF

Quiet Barrier™ Composite Install

The fiberglass composite is a really nice product, installed easily and does everything it is supposed to. We’ll be using them a lot more.
Eric Tanner

Composite was quick to install and started working immediately. Used it to go over top of a press in our manufacturing facility and has been a great help.
Joe K.

"The times I talked with you on the telephone and corresponded through email you have been very helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend Soundproofcow.com to anyone!" S. CIMINO, LA