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At Soundproof Cow, reducing background noise is what our sound absorption materials are meant to do — no matter if the sound is coming from outside, or if you’re the one who’s making it. We have a long list of sound absorbing materials that include acoustic panels, studio foam and more. Communication is important, and we strive to create a setting with the least amount of disruptive background noise, improving speech intelligibility and the overall listening environment with a wide selection of sound absorption materials. Soundproof Cow is unique in the sense that we not only have the best sound absorption materials available; Soundproof Cow does soundproofing with style. We can completely customizable art acoustic panels that add substance, style, and sound absorption to any wall.

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Soundproof Cow’s Sound Absorption Products:

  • Acoustic fiberglass
  • Acoustic foam
  • Echo Absorber™ Acoustic Cotton
  • Acoustic Partitions
  • Hanging Baffles
  • Other Foams
  • Quiet Board™ Water Resistant Panels

Many of our noise absorbing materials are highly customizable to fit the look and needs of any space. For instance, acoustic glass mineral wool can be used in any number of locations — from covering walls to cutting back on noise emitted from air conditioners. They also look professional in a range of settings, so you never have to sacrifice aesthetics for noise control.

Easy to install acoustic foam comes in a variety of styles, from pads to sound absorbing panels and thick, fabric-wrapped foam pieces. These products are adept at absorbing sounds in spaces where acoustics play a major role. They’re also among the most affordable solutions we offer at Soundproof Cow. Be sure to look for our No Bull specials.

Fire-rated products are safe to use in almost any location where fire codes or high heat are a concern. While a bit more expensive, they allow you to safely control noise in areas like kitchens, workshops and even in appliances. Whether you need thick sheets of fire-safe sound absorption material or acoustic blocks, you can count on Soundproof Cow to have them in stock.

Our Echo Absorber™ panels and baffles are among our best sound-absorbing materials. Made of 80-percent recycled materials, the natural fibers aren’t just great at controlling sounds. They’re also mold-, mildew- and flame-resistant, as well as suited to temporary or permanent installations. The light-weight materials are easy to install, just like the rest of our products, and they provide tremendous value for the cost.

We also have baffles which hang from the ceiling, allowing for spot noise control in spaces of all kinds. Udderly Quiet™ installations work well in all types of residential, retail, commercial and government applications. Available in any number of fabric options — including customized selections — these sound absorption panels mimic artwork more than noise management supplies, and because they’re suspended in air, you don’t have to worry about acoustic backing or modifying the walls of your space.

If you’re looking for water- or stain-resistant materials that absorb sound, check out Quiet Board™. At Soundproof Cow, we’re proud to offer this option to a wide range of clientele. The temporary acoustic panels absorb and block sound in any area where a washable material is necessary.

There are other odds and ends you’ll find among our selection as well. Almost any acoustic foam application you can dream of, we stock in our online store.

We’ve also expanded our lines to include other common products our clients demand. These include anti-static foam packaging, buoyancy billets capable of creating structures that float on water and foam safety covers for table corners and other common dangers.

Shopping With Soundproof Cow

Herd of our impressive product selection? If not, we’d be surprised. We’ve made a name in the business for offering the top acoustic padding available to builders, architects and homeowners alike. We pride ourselves on using the best materials available and only carrying sound absorber materials we know are worth the investment.

One of our best features is the FREE acoustic analysis. We offer customers insight to their specific situation and recommend materials to fit that space. We will inform you of all the options for soundproofing and improving the area’s acoustic characteristics. Improve the experience of audiences in large arenas or home entertainment rooms while staying well within your budget.

To help our customers get the very mooo-st bang for their buck, we place special items on deep discount. These products are marked by our No Bull labels and present the biggest bargains in the store.

Still not sure which sound-absorbing materials are best? Let our Account Managers guide you.  We’ve helped hundreds of customers find solutions for tricky noise-control issues.  Our team’s advice will help you create a plan to resolve your acoustic needs.

Enjoy Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

 Soundproof Cow takes customer service to the next level. We’ve always gone above and beyond to meet people’s needs. Now, it’s part of our official store policy. If you run into issues with your sound absorbers, all it takes is a quick call to set things right. We’re dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, and we won’t stop until we’ve got it.

Whether you’re in need of temporary acoustic absorbing materials or fire-safe products available in an endless number of shapes and sizes, Soundproof Cow has got you covered. Call 1-866-949-9269 to schedule your FREE acoustic analysis today.

"The times I talked with you on the telephone and corresponded through email you have been very helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend to anyone!" S. CIMINO, LA

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