Sound Absorption Materials

Premium Sound Absorbing Materials:

At Soundproof Cow, reducing background noise is what our sound-absorbing materials are meant to do — no matter if the sound is coming from outside, or if you’re the one who’s making it. We have a long list of noise-absorbing materials that include acoustic panels, acoustic foam and more. Communication is important, and we strive to help you create a setting with the least amount of disruptive background noise, improving speech intelligibility and the overall listening environment. Soundproof Cow is unique because we not only have the best sound absorption materials available, but we also do soundproofing with style. For example, we offer completely customizable art acoustic panels that add substance, style and sound absorption to any wall. We offer the best sound-absorbing materials you can find for use in your home, office, workshop, studio or any area where you want exceptional sound quality. Before we get started, it helps to understand how sound and sound absorption works.

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