Moola Savers

  • MOOla Saver Roll of Step Above Flooring Underlayment

    Step Above Flooring Underlayment

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  • MOOla Saver Soundproofing_QBLD_Composite_close_up_175-01

    Quiet Barrier® LD Soundproofing Composite

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  • MOOla Saver door soundproofing sweep

    Quiet Door™ Sweep

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  • MOOla Saver acoustic panel ea natural

    Echo Absorber™ Acoustic Panel (Natural Blend – 1″x4’x4′)

    $45.99$275.94Shop Now
  • MOOla Saver echo absorber baffle 1"

    Echo Absorber™ Hanging Baffle (Natural Blend – 1″x2’x4′)

    $49.99$649.87Shop Now
  • MOOla Saver AMI - Soundproof Cow Mascot

    Moostakes – Last Chance Discounts

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  • MOOla Saver Pipe Soundproofing Wrap - Quiet Wrap LD

    Quiet Wrap™ LD Pipe Soundproofing Wrap

    $15.75$236.25Shop Now

With Soundproof Cow’s new Moola Savers line, you can soundproof your space on a budget. Whether starting up a home recording studio, looking to enjoy more peace in your bedroom or aiming to soundproof your giant conference rooms, these soundproofing materials can help you control sound — without breaking the bank.

Our Affordable Soundproofing Materials and Options

Check out our affordable soundproofing options and get MOOving on your soundproofing project:

  • Step Above Flooring Underlayment: Place this advanced sound blocker underneath hardwood, laminate, or engineered flooring to minimize noise and improve a room’s sound quality. It’s easy to install and instantly effective.  It offers protection against mold, mildew, and vapor transmission. You might also notice that your feet stay a little warmer thanks to its thermal insulation properties.
  • Quiet Barrier™ LD Soundproofing Composite: Thin but mighty, the 1/16-inch thin soundproofing material provides impressive soundproofing. You will be astonished at how sound stops entering and exiting through the walls and ceilings!
  • Quiet Door™ Door Sweep: Sneaky sounds make their way into a room through the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor — but it is not a problem with a door sweep. As an added bonus, they can increase a door’s thermal performance.
  • Echo Absorber Acoustic Panel (Natural Blend – 1″x4’x4′): Made from 80% recycled cotton fibers, these acoustic panels can absorb 65% of sounds across the frequency spectrum. They are also flexible and effective for curved walls and columns or posts.
  • Echo Absorber Hanging Baffle (Natural Blend – 1″x2’x4′): Just a few of these baffles can absorb massive amounts of sound and are perfect for soundproofing a large area on a budget. They are made without volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making glove-free installation safe and simple.
  • Quiet Wrap™ LD Pipe Soundproofing Wrap: Got loud pipes? These foam wraps can reduce sloshes, gurgles, and whistles creating a peaceful environment.  It is easy to install — just cut the wrap to the appropriate length, peel off the adhesive backing, wrap the pipes, press it into place, and voila! Instant relief from that pesky pipe pandemonium.

Shop Online or Get a Free Acoustic Analysis From Soundproof Cow

Who says soundproofing has to come with sky-high prices? Not us!

At Soundproof Cow, our Moola Savers line features high-quality, effective soundproofing materials that can improve a room’s acoustic quality, reduce echo and keep things quiet. To get started soundproofing your home office, school cafeteria, gymnasium or other space, shop online and request a free acoustic analysis from Soundproof Cow today!

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