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Free-standing acoustic panels work well when you want a flexible and non-permanent way to add sound absorption to a room. These panels allow you to change a room’s layout or even store them away when you need extra space.

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How Do Free-Standing Acoustic Panels Work?

Free-standing sound-absorbing panels sit on the floor rather than hanging on the wall or ceiling. These panels let you add soundproofing to a room without attaching anything permanently. Free-standing acoustic panels work well for various applications, including offices, schools, restaurants, study rooms, hotels and anywhere else you want to divide a space for quality sound.

Why Choose Free-Standing Acoustic Panels?

The main benefit of free-standing acoustic panels is their flexibility. These panels are moveable, allowing you to create temporary rooms with privacy and sound absorption. These panels also offer benefits like:

  • Reduced noise: In rooms where concentration matters, like offices and study rooms, these panels allow you to isolate quiet spaces, limiting distractions.
  • Improved productivity: An expansive open space with echoing sound can restrict a person’s ability to work. Acoustic panels create privacy and reduce sound for a better work environment.
  • Easy installation: Installing a free-standing acoustic panel means placing the panel where you need sound dampening — no need to hire a contractor or pull out your tools.

A Range of Free-Standing Panels

No matter what style you are looking for, Soundproof Cow has plenty of free-standing panels. Here is an overview of our selection.

Udderly Quiet Acoustic Partition

These versatile and moveable products work for nearly any environment. They allow you to make unique spaces by moving the panel wherever you want. The panels are typically 4 feet by 5 feet, but we offer custom sizes at your request. You can customize your panel by selecting from our wide array of fabric families and colors.  We offer additional design options using custom images and artwork.

EccoTone™ Partition

These elegant partitions grant privacy in offices, restaurants and other spaces. They consist of several hinged wood panels that bend to create a standing barrier. Choose from various patterns, sizes and finish options to create a customized solution for your space. Our EccoTone™ partitions look like a decorative element with the bonus of sound reduction for a calm and quiet environment.

Get a Quote From Soundproof Cow

We herd your space is too loud. Contact Soundproof Cow online for free-standing panels that reduce sound for better comfort and concentration. These moveable and stylish panels are a flexible solution for your home or business.

The times I talked with you on the telephone and corresponded through email you have been very helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend to anyone!

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