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Acoustic Partitions

Noise makes it hard to concentrate, increases stress and can be an overall annoyance. Those who work in noisy offices know the feeling. They might hear a co-worker crunch on an apple and suddenly lose their train of thought. Or, maybe they sit next to the break room and must listen to popcorn popping in the microwave as they try to talk to customers on the phone.

Noise is not only an office problem. Restaurant patrons often want to share conversation as they enjoy their meal, without having to yell over the sound of other patrons slurping soup. Luckily, there is a simple solution to reduce noise issues at work, restaurants, schools and other businesses, and it does not require calling a construction crew or snapping at a co-worker next time they bring fruit for lunch. After all, we all make noise sometimes.

Acoustic partitions are the answer to all these problems. Whether you need to form several private spaces in the office, or reduce the echo in a restaurant, acoustic partitions can help you create quiet, custom spaces that give you the flexibility to change your layout whenever you want.

What Are Acoustic Partitions?

Tired of your coworker’s phone calls intruding on your focus? Worried about distracting others as you join a video meeting in the office? Acoustic partitions offer a way to stop sound in its tracks. An acoustic partition is a portable wall constructed with materials that block sound.

You can use an acoustic partition in any room to prevent noise from traveling from one area to another. These partition walls are dense fiberglass sheets wrapped in acoustic fabric. They are portable, so you can customize your configuration however you need. At 4 feet wide and 5 feet tall, an acoustic partition is ideal for office spaces where employees work from their seats.

How Do Acoustic Partitions Work?

Acoustic partitions transform office spaces into peaceful working environments through soundproofing. Soundproofing is the process of preventing noise from moving between spaces.

Acoustic partitions feature materials that stop sound before it can reach the next person’s workspace. The dense fiberglass core increases the energy a soundwave must expend to permeate the surface. Combined with its absorptive fibers and fabric lining, the fiberglass core prevents noise from transferring.

Place an acoustic partition directly in front of a common noise source to prevent its sound from reaching beyond the partition. Acoustic partitions are easy to move around, so update the setup as often as you need to for optimal soundproofing performance.

How Effective Are Acoustic Partitions?

A partition will muffle and absorb noise that contacts its surface. However, sound can still escape above, below and beside the partition. Position your acoustic partitions directly between a common noise source and the area you want to isolate from the noise. Using more partitions will extend your sound barrier and improve the results.

An acoustic partition is a reliable temporary solution to your soundproofing needs. Choose an acoustic partition to block noise when constructing a permanent wall isn’t an option.

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