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Server Room Soundproofing

Why Do You Need Server Room Soundproofing

More and more companies in today’s digital age are finding they are in need of server rooms. Whether you have a data storage or computer networking company of your own or you are a large enough company that it makes economical sense for you to have your own server room, you know they can be extremely loud. The sound of all that computer equipment working its magic can be seriously distracting, and it never stops. If you have a server room, you know downtime is unacceptable — meaning if you have people in or around your server room environment, they are hearing the noise of your server room all the time. Fortunately, server room noise reduction solutions do exist. For the sanity and focus of your employees who work in or near the server room environment, along with any neighbors who might be nearby, it’s a good idea for you to look into computer sound dampening solutions — such as the kind you’ll find at Soundproof Cow. Soundproof Cow has a number of soundproofing materials you can use for effective server room sound dampening. These soundproofing materials can not only help prevent the sounds of your machines from escaping to areas outside the server room, but they can also make the sounds in the room quieter and less harsh. This way, if your server room is attached to your office, other employees will not be distracted by server room sounds. Those who need to work in the server room will not dread going in there because the sounds that emanate, while they may not be sweet music, will be much more tolerable. If you’ve never pursued soundproofing solutions for your company before, you may be amazed at what a calming effect soundproofing your server room can have. You may find that employees are more focused and able to concentrate, and you may even learn of fewer headaches and a general boost in morale. In many cases, the benefits of soundproofing a noisy room in your workplace may far exceed the costs of soundproofing when you consider the increase in productivity and worker morale that can result.

What Can Server Room Soundproofing Do for You?

  • Quiet the sounds of the server room so employees working in adjoining areas are not distracted
  • Soften the constant sounds of the machines so it is more pleasant to enter the server room to perform whatever tasks your company requires
  • Prevent neighbors from hearing and possibly becoming annoyed by the sounds that are coming out of your server room

How to Soundproof a Server Room

To soundproof your server room, all you need are the right materials. Fortunately, Soundproof Cow has just about everything you need to thoroughly and effectively soundproof your server room. Our popular Quiet Batt™ Soundproofing Insulation is easy to install and is highly effective at preventing sound transfer and dampening ambient sound. Fabric-Wrapped Acoustic Foam Panels give you the flexibility of putting soundproofing where you want it without interrupting the design of any room. You may also wish to consider our complete ISOTRAX™ Soundproofing System. We have soundproofing options to fit just about any situation. With Soundproof Cow soundproofing products, it’s simple to soundproof your own server room. Our materials are largely made of safe, eco-friendly recycled cotton, so you can handle it with your bare hands and don’t need to worry about breathing in toxic chemicals or irritating your skin. Many of our products can be installed with easy-to-use supports, which we can also supply. Protect your server room employees, other employees, yourself and your neighbors with reliable soundproofing from Soundproof Cow today.

Soundproofing Products

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Server Room Sound Absorption Products

Server Room Soundproofing

It’s normal to hear the fan in your computer running during a workday. However, people who work near computer server rooms have to listen to many devices, all running at the same time.

Without the proper soundproofing equipment, server rooms can be excessively loud — and may even damage employee hearing over the long term. To protect your employees and reduce noise pollution, it’s important to soundproof server rooms.

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Reasons to Soundproof a Server Room

While the whirring of a server room might seem like innocuous white noise, it can easily become too loud for people to safely hear for eight hours a day. Exposure to prolonged noises over 70 decibels can cause hearing loss, and the noise coming from server rooms can far exceed this range.

Here are five ways that soundproofing your server room can benefit your company:

  • Hearing protection: Soundproofing will protect your employees’ hearing.
  • Higher productivity: A quiet environment can boost employee productivity.
  • Employee commitment: Employees will see you investing in their daily experience.
  • Lower noise pollution: You will reduce the noise pollution coming from your building.
  • Future opportunity: You can safely expand your existing server equipment.

By soundproofing your server room, you can protect your employees and improve their work environment. This can have a positive impact on productivity and benefit your business in many other ways.

Areas to Soundproof in a Server Room and How to Soundproof Them

There are several different ways to handle excess noise in server rooms. Here are several options:

  • Supply all employees with noise-canceling headphones.
  • Soundproof the server room.
  • Soundproof the server racks or cabinets.

How to Soundproof Server Cabinets

Also called server racks, server cabinets organize and store servers. Server cabinets are sometimes enclosed with cabinet doors, or they may just be a series of secure shelves. The goal of a server rack is to ensure servers are safe and accessible.

Noise from server racks is caused when server vibrations carry through metal shelves and continue through the floor or wall near the rack. By insulating the rack, you can reduce the level of noise coming from a server room. Here are three ways to soundproof server racks:

  • Sound-deadening pads: Putting a polymer pad underneath the racks can reduce the amount of noise traveling through the floor. Vibrations will be blocked by these products since sound waves can’t easily travel through them.
  • Fire-rated acoustic foam: You can also layer fire-rated acoustic foam panels underneath each server, isolating it from the shelf it’s sitting on. This can reduce the number of vibrations that reach the cabinet to begin with.
  • Fabric-wrapped foam: Consider soundproofing a server rack with panels of fabric-wrapped foam. This flame-resistant product can reduce the noise coming from the rack into the surrounding environment.

Sound Deadening Pads

How to Soundproof a Server Room

There are two steps for soundproofing a room:

  1. Seal off any cracks to stop noise from traveling through the air.
  2. Install barrier materials that absorb, redirect or muffle sound vibrations.

To soundproof a server room, you will need to think about modifying the walls, ceiling, and floors. You may not need to soundproof every part of the space — it depends on how loud your servers are and what’s located nearby.

If your building already has good soundproofing, you may only need to soundproof one part of the space. However, many buildings have minimal soundproofing and can benefit from additional sound-blocking materials. Here are several products that can help soundproof a server room:

  • IsoTRAX™ soundproofing system: Isolating systems are game changers for insulating the walls and ceilings in noisy rooms. With these systems, you can separate the drywall from the studs in a room. This prevents vibrations from hitting drywall and carrying right through the studs into another room.
  • Quiet Barrier™ HD soundproofing composite: Combining insulating materials with an isolating system is one of the most effective ways to reduce noise pollution in a building. Quiet Barrier™ is flexible and versatile, and it’s one of our best-selling soundproofing products.
  • Acoustic panels: If you don’t want to add sound barriers behind drywall, the next best option is to put them on the exterior surface of your walls and ceiling. At Soundproof Cow, we offer fabric-wrapped acoustic panels that can help absorb sound in a space.
  • Fire-rated acoustic foam: You can also cover the walls and ceiling in your server room with acoustic foam. Foam has excellent noise-reduction properties and can significantly improve the amount of noise leaving your server room when it’s covering the walls and ceiling.
  • Quiet Board™ water-resistant panels: Another option is to install these panels on your walls and ceiling. Quiet Board™ is similar to Styrofoam and reduces the sound vibrations leaving a room. You can order this material in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Floor joist isolators: Similar to the wall isolating system, you can also separate your flooring from the joists to reduce the noise moving down through the floor. These isolators muffle sound but must be installed underneath your flooring.

Soundproofing works best when you combine several different types of materials within a room. By working together, these materials can reduce the total amount of sound leaving the space. Depending on how many servers you have, you may need full coverage or a few targeted products to reduce the noise level.

Shop Soundproofing Materials From Soundproof Cow

At Soundproof Cow, we love helping our customers find personalized solutions for their soundproofing needs. When you contact us over the phone or via our website, we will answer any questions you have and help you create a plan to soundproof your space effectively.

We offer a wide variety of products, so you can find the solution that’s cost-effective and convenient for your situation. We help our customers better understand sound so they can make informed decisions and get sound reduction results for an optimal environment.

Shop soundproofing materials on our website today, or request a free acoustic analysis for your space! We can help you find the solutions you need so that your employees can work in a quiet environment and you can expand your server equipment without worrying about its impact on the surrounding spaces.

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