Dog Kennel & Daycare Soundproofing

Dog Kennel Soundproofing… why do you need it?

Let’s face it… there’s no way to stop the noise of barking dogs. The only way to fix dog kennel noise issues is by installing proper dog kennel soundproofing.

Dog Kennels, with their concrete floors and cinderblock walls, are perfect for creating unwanted echoes and amplifying noise. Because the surfaces are hard, sound waves bounce off them and back into the space. However, hard surfaces are easy-to-clean, which is important in your business.

Dog owners want to make sure their dog is happy. If they visit your kennel and hear the piercing sound of barking dogs, they won’t want to use your kennel. Your business suffers.

Another common problem of dog kennels is complaints from neighbors. Barking dogs can disturb nearby homes and businesses.

Many dog kennel owners come to Soundproof Cow to fix their noise problems. Most don’t realize how large of a problem the barking was until after they install dog kennel soundproofing products.

Dog Kennel Soundproofing Products

  • isotrax detail 400 BUY NOW

    isoTRAX™ Soundproofing System

    The isoTRAX™ Soundproofing System works by combining several different soundproofing strategies into one easy to use package. Designed to be installed inside of a wall or


    Quiet Barrier™ Specialty Composite

    Quiet Barrier™ Specialty Composite is a four layer soundproofing composite used in construction, automotive, heavy machinery and marine industries to reduce noise transfer from structural borne

  • Soundproofing_ QBHD_Composite_Install BUY NOW

    Quiet Barrier™ HD Soundproofing Composite

    Quiet Barrier™ HD Soundproofing Composites (1/4 in. 2 lb. barrier + 1 in. foam) are industrial grade products that stop sound from entering or leaving a

  • Soundproofing_QBMD_Composite_close_up_175 BUY NOW

    Quiet Barrier™ MD Soundproofing Composite

    Quiet Barrier™ MD Soundproofing Composites (1/8 in. 1 lb. barrier + 1 in. foam) are industrial grade products that stop sound from entering or leaving a


Dog Kennel Sound Absorption Products

  • adapt panel BUY NOW

    ADAPT Acoustical Treatments

    Artistically unique and acoustically practical, ADAPT™ Acoustical Treatments answer the call for projects that demand fashion and function. ADAPT™ art acoustic panels give you the ability


What Can Dog Kennel Soundproofing do for you?

There are many advantages to soundproofing your dog kennel:

  • Keep the noise of barking dogs within your building: You don’t want noise complaints from your neighbors. Animals are difficult to control under any circumstances, and even if you’re an exceptional dog whisperer, there’s no way to explain to your dogs that they are disturbing the neighbors and need to keep it down. With a good soundproof kennel for dogs, you don’t have to.
  • Reduce the noise of barking dogs within your kennel: Dog owners will be more likely to leave their dog in your care and your business will improve. While barking is natural for dogs, it can indicate distress — and especially loud barking can stress out and upset your neighbors and other dogs. Without good dog kennel soundproofing, a few barking dogs can create a domino effect, making other dogs bark, either to communicate or indicate their distress, which can encourage the initial dogs to keep barking until you have a cacophony of sound that seems impossible to control. Dog owners can often tell when their dogs are under stress, and if they pick up their dog and that dog appears upset, they may not be in any hurry to bring them back to your kennel. Some dog owners may even pass your kennel by if there is excessive barking when they arrive, as they may take this as an indicator that your kennel is not top-quality.
  • Provide a safe working environment for your employees: Reducing the noise volume goes a long way. Excessive barking can stress out not only other dogs, but also humans working with those dogs as well. Ear fatigue can be a real problem for individuals working with dogs every day, and effective sound control can help reduce this fatigue and make things a little easier on your staff.

It can be easy for staff working with dogs to get burned out, and whatever you can do to ease their stress will ultimately make it easier for them to provide consistent, quality care for your dogs, making things easier for you in turn. Soundproof Cow dog kennel soundproofing solutions can help you tremendously with this.

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