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Condo & Townhouse Soundproofing

Do You Lack Privacy in Your Townhouse?

While condos and townhouses are popular for their space solutions, many tenants experience a lack of privacy living so close to neighbors. Walls are the only separation between you and those nearby. Often, there are few soundproofing materials used during construction, so noise can leak from your neighbor’s home into yours. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for living with the noise of neighbors. By applying soundproofing materials to your home, you can make sure you feel more at ease in your own private space knowing your neighbors aren’t able to hear you through the walls. And you won’t be disturbed anymore by the sounds of the adjoining condo or townhome. Many townhouse and condo builders come to Soundproof Cow for soundproofing. They want to build homes with an advantage over the competition. Some condo and townhome associations contact Soundproof Cow when they realize soundproofing is inadequate after they complete construction. Likewise, tenants who want to improve their quality of life come to us for soundproofing solutions. We have soundproofing materials for homes in all stages of construction, from townhouses in the planning stage of construction to older condos.

What Can Townhouse and Condo Soundproofing Do for You?

• Increase your privacy by stopping the transmission of noise from one condo to another…you no longer have to worry about neighbors hearing you • Improve your quality of living by blocking unwanted noise from entering your home…noisy neighbors will no longer wake you or disturb your dinner • Increase property values of your townhouse by offering a more private home

How Do You Know Which Type of Townhouse and Condo Soundproofing You Need?

Here’s an easy 2-step process to determine which you need: Step 1: Identify WHAT noise you hear. Is it your neighbor’s voice? It is the TV? Is it highway traffic? Step 2: Identify WHERE the noise is coming from. Is the noise coming from inside the same space as you, or is it coming from a separate room or condo? For instance, do you hear the dog in the condo next door? Is the sound of the traffic outside? Is it poor sound quality of the TV in your living room? Townhouse and condo soundproofing products stop sound from entering or exiting your space. If the noise comes from above, then you need ceiling acoustical treatments. If the sound is coming from next door, you need wall acoustical treatments. If the sound is coming from below, you need floor acoustical treatments. Many condos can benefit from all types of townhouse soundproofing materials. And for those townhouses already constructed, many of our soundproofing products can be retro-fit.

Choosing the Right Product for Your Needs

If you’re renting or leasing, it’s recommended you consult your property manager before buying or installing townhouse and condo soundproofing materials. Some fixes that don’t involve construction are heavier area rugs, wall décor, thicker curtains, and sealants. However, the results are minimal compared to soundproofing products. For those with budget concerns or looking for only a slight improvement, these fixes can be the solution.

Condo or Townhouse Soundproofing Products

  • Top MOOver! isoTrax Soundproofing System with an isolation rail, isolation screws and isolation pads

    isoTRAX™ Soundproofing System

    $205.98Shop Now
  • floor soundproofing proflex 90

    PROFLEX™ 90

    $249.99Shop Now
  • Soundproofing_ QBHD_Composite_Install

    Quiet Barrier™ HD Soundproofing Composite

    $349.99Shop Now

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Condo or Townhouse Sound Absorption Products

condo and townhouse soundproofing

Reasons to Soundproof Your Condo or Townhouse

As a condo or townhouse tenant, you may recognize the sound of neighbors’ voices through the walls or their footsteps above. Sound is created when something vibrates, and it must travel through objects, liquids or air to reach your ear. When it travels through a wall, for example, it causes the wall to vibrate as it passes through. It then vibrates the air until it reaches your ear.

Sound travels in a way similar to water. Just like water, it leaks through cracks and gaps in ceilings, windows and doors. It also penetrates walls if they aren’t built to block and absorb sound. Any opening is a way for sound to get through.

It’s normal to hear some sound through shared walls. However, if you can clearly hear your neighbors discussing dinner on the other side of the wall, you need soundproofing. According to the International Code Council, airborne sound insulation for walls and floors should meet a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 45 in townhouse units. The STC rating measures a material’s ability to reduce the transmission of sound. The higher the STC, the better a material is at preventing sound transmission.

So, for example, if your wall has an STC rating of 35, you’ll hear loud speech, but it won’t be intelligible. On the contrary, a wall with an STC rating of over 60 has superior soundproofing capabilities. If you can increase the STC so that it reduces the decibel (dB) level by 10, you’ll cut the sound volume by half.

Why soundproof a condo or townhouse? If you soundproof a shared wall and other areas of your home, you’ll get to:

  • Increase your privacy by ceasing the transmission of noise from one condo to another
  • Stop worrying about neighbors hearing you
  • Improve your quality of living by blocking unwanted noise from entering your home, such as noisy neighbors waking you or disturbing your dinner
  • Increase property values of your townhouse by offering a more private home

Benefits of Townhouse and Condo Soundproofing

Do you know your neighbor’s favorite sing-along by heart? Soundproofing common condo walls, ceilings, floors and other parts of your townhome will do more than boost privacy. You’ll enjoy several other benefits when you reduce unwanted sounds in your home. Here are just a few benefits of a soundproof townhouse or condo:

  • Better sleep: Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of soundproofing your home is creating a sleep-friendly environment. With peace and quiet, you’ll fall asleep easier and get the rest you need. As a result, you’ll enjoy improved overall health, perform better at work and have the energy to handle life’s challenges. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, your safety and performance decrease after losing just an hour or two of sleep for several nights. Soundproofing helps you get the sleep you deserve and require to function at your best.
  • Enhanced relaxation: Your home is more than just a place to sleep, eat and listen to sports fans yell at the TV on the other side of the wall. Your condo or townhouse is your haven and place to unwind after a long day. Imagine creating a sanctuary where instead of listening to the neighbor’s talk, you hear only sweet silence. Wouldn’t it be easier for your worries to slip away? Relaxation is vital to well-being. Relaxation slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep quality and much more.
  • Improved concentration: If you spend a lot of time working, studying or reading in your home, you probably know how frustrating it can be to deal with noise. Noise is distracting and has been found to negatively impact learning. It’s hard to fully enjoy your home when you can’t do the activities you wish to do. Soundproofing creates the quiet space you need to concentrate and pursue your studies or interests.
  • Happier visitors: Imagine going to visit a friend you haven’t seen in 10 years. Now imagine you’re sitting in the living room trying to share stories of your world travels over the sound of the polka band nextdoor. Soundproofing makes your home more private, so you can enjoy company without interruption, and you can invite friends over without disturbing your neighbors.
  • Increased buyer interest: Which condo would you be more interested in — the one where you could hear someone pacing back and forth above you, or the one that was so quiet you were tempted to nap on the floor? If you plan to sell or rent your condo or townhouse someday, consider how soundproofing could help you attract new tenants. 
  • Greater freedom: Musicians, dancers, opera singers — do you wish you felt more comfortable practicing your art at home? Soundproofing gives you the freedom to get creative whenever inspiration strikes.

benefits of soundproofing your condo or townhouse

What to Soundproof in Your Condo or Townhouse

Soundproofing a condo or townhouse is more achievable than you may think, and it will do great things for your quality of life there. Before you can implement your soundproofing techniques, it’s essential to determine the sounds and where they’re coming from. Are you hearing your neighbor’s TV while you’re in your living room? Are you hearing sounds of the city or highway traffic throughout your whole condo, or just part of it? Understanding where the sounds originate helps you decide where soundproofing is necessary in your home.

Here are some common sources of noise to consider as you decide how to soundproof your condo or townhouse.

Ceilings and Floors

The most common noise issues in townhouses and condos come from your ceilings and floors. You may hear your neighbors walking around, vacuuming, shutting doors or flushing the toilet. When you want to decrease the noise you hear, you can lay more carpets, area rugs, runners or mats around your place to reduce the sounds coming through the floor.

To mitigate noises coming from your ceiling, consider installing acoustic panels. Adding more mass to the floors and ceilings helps absorb the sound waves, making your condo or townhouse more peaceful.


Noise comes through your windows, even when they’re securely closed, because they create a weak point in your walls. When you want to add soundproofing to your windows, make sure there are no gaps by sealing them with acoustic sealant or foam. You can also add Quiet Barrier™ Tape to the bottom of the window or over any cracks and crevices near it. To ensure your windows have excellent noise abatement, you might install soundproofing materials on the surrounding walls as well.

Heavy-duty soundproofing curtains are another great way to reduce outside noise in your condo or townhouse.

what to soundproof


Doors are significant noise contributors. When you want to enhance the soundproofing on your doors, you can take advantage of door sweeps and seals. Door sweeps and seals decrease the amount of noise entering and exiting doorways by closing the gap between the doors and the floor.

Shared Walls

If you want to soundproof the shared walls in your townhouse or condo, consider adding more mass to the walls. Installing sound barriers is an excellent way to reduce noise from your neighbors while keeping the sounds of your home contained.

You could also arrange bookcases, dressers and other large furnishings against your shared walls to help prevent noise.

Cracks and Gaps

Sound waves will travel easily through any cracks or gaps in your home. Prevent noise from coming in by sealing the gaps, cracks or holes.

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Soundproofing Products From Soundproof Cow for Your Condo or Townhouse

Generally, you have four options when it comes to soundproofing your condo or townhome:

  • Eliminate the noise source
  • Apply sound-absorbing materials
  • Install soundproofing barriers that block and absorb sound
  • Redesign the condo or townhouse to keep quiet areas away from noisy areas

The first and fourth options may be impossible. There’s no need to pack your bags and moove to a deserted island just yet. Soundproofing materials, which combine the power of blocking sound and absorbing sound, can save the day.

Townhouse and condo soundproofing products can stop sound from entering or exiting your space. If the noise comes from above, you need ceiling acoustical treatments. If it’s coming from next door, you need wall acoustical treatments. If it’s coming from below, you need floor acoustical treatments. Many condos can benefit from all types of townhouse soundproofing materials, and for those townhouses already constructed, many of our soundproofing products can be retrofit.

townhouse and condo soundproofing products

If you’re renting or leasing, we recommend that you consult your property manager before buying or installing townhouse and condo soundproofing materials. Some fixes that don’t involve construction are heavier area rugs, wall décor, thicker curtains and sealants. For those with budget concerns or looking for only a slight improvement, these fixes can be the solution. However, if you’re interested in minimizing noise as much as possible, consider the following soundproofing products available through

1. IsoTrax™ Sound Isolation System

The IsoTrax™ Sound Isolation System is the best soundproofing solution we offer at You can apply IsoTrax™ to walls or ceilings for maximum noise reduction. This affordable, versatile option is ideal for DIYers with basic construction knowledge who want a quiet home. The IsoTrax™ kit includes sound isolation rails, which are used to separate the drywall from the studs, and sound deadening pads to eliminate vibrations and further reduce noise transmission. One kit covers up to 64 square feet.

IsoTrax™ is easy to install and provides and an STC rating of between 52 and 61. If you need help along the way, just give us a call, and we’ll gladly assist you.

2. Quiet Barrier™ HD Soundproofing Composite

Our Quiet Barrier™ HD Soundproofing Composite works hard to block and absorb noise for a complete soundproofing package. Quiet Barrier™ HD is made of 1/4-inch industrial-grade barrier and 1 inch of acoustic foam. The combination works in two different ways. First, the barrier adds sound-blocking mass. The foam adds mass, absorbs sound and separates the barrier from the mounting surface. You can easily install Quiet Barrier™ just about anywhere you need noise control. If you choose Quiet Barrier™ with a peel-and-stick backing, installation is even easier.

Install Quiet Barrier

3. PROFLEX™ 90

PROFLEX™ 90 is our specialized soundproofing product meant to go beneath tile, stone and hardwood floors. PROFLEX™ 90 is a self-bonding sound reduction membrane with an STC of 72. This soundproofing floor underlayment helps reduce noise from impact such as footsteps and reduces airborne noise. It also bridges cracks to prevent sound from seeping through and features an easy peel-and-place application. With PROFLEX™ 90, you can practice your dance moves guilt-free.

Sound Absorption Products From Soundproof Cow for Your Condo or Townhouse

Sound absorption materials soak up sound like a sponge and turn sound waves into low-grade heat that will eventually dissipate. When it comes to sound absorption, you have plenty of affordable, versatile, attractive and easy-to-install options. Here are some of the sound absorption products we offer at

  • Art acoustic panels: Did you know you can add style and silence to your condo all in one package? Our customizable art acoustic panels are made with compressed mineral wool or foam designed to absorb sound, wrapped in an appealing printed fabric and secured in an aluminum frame. As a result, you can get a work of art that also gives the beauty of quietude.
  • Echo Absorber™ acoustic cotton panels: Our Echo Absorber™ panels are made of 80% recycled cotton and offer a cost-effective solution to condo or townhouse noise issues. Sold in a variety of sizes, these panels are lightweight, flexible and environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about soundproofing your living space. They can be mounted to any flat surface or installed inside a wall to improve insulation and absorb unwanted noise.
  • Egg carton convoluted packaging foam: If you were stocking up on empty egg cartons to drown out the garage band nextdoor, it’s time to toss them in the trash and check out our egg crate convoluted packaging foam. Our egg crate foam is easy to cut and shape and offers an economical way to trap sound. You can install egg carton foam in your home studio or theater to keep sound in and help keep it out. As a bonus, you can use the foam to wrap and protect valuables if you decide to move.
  • Udderly Quiet™ Fabric Covered Foam: Our Udderly Quiet™ Fabric Covered Foam features an attractive fabric cover and sound-absorbing melamine foam core. These moisture- and flame-resistant acoustic panels are perfect for soaking up noise anywhere you need peace, whether that be your living room or resort-like bedroom. We offer a variety of sizes and colors to match your decor. Udderly Quiet Fabric Covered Foam
  • Udderly Quiet™ Anechoic Acoustic Foam: Do you wish you could lay down some tracks whenever inspiration hits, even if neighbors have a birthday party going on nextdoor? You can record music without Happy Birthday in the background with Udderly Quiet™ Anechoic Acoustic Foam. Turn your condo or townhouse into a professional studio with high-performing foam designed to reduce echo and enhance sound quality.

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Whether you live in a condo, townhouse or mansion on a cliff, your home is your haven. When you walk through that door at the end of a long day, nothing feels better than rest, peace and quiet. Soundproofing condo walls and other areas of your home can make life sound much sweeter.

At, we want to help you create a home you can fully enjoy no matter who your neighbors are. We’re proud to find soundproofing solutions for our unique customers’ needs and budgets, and we aim to exceed their expectations. To transform your condo or townhouse into a quiet refuge, purchase soundproofing products from Soundproof Cow today!

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