Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels

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    Standard Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels

    These Standard Acoustic Panels are an excellent general purpose acoustic product. We’ve taken our most popular acoustic panel, the Udderly Quiet™ 200 series, and created a

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    Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Panel - 200 Series

    The 200 Series Acoustic Panel is our General All-Around, All-Purpose Acoustic Panel. This Acoustic Panel model is our Most Popular and Best Selling panel due to

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    Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Panel - 250 Series

    We took all the acoustic benefits from the 200 Series and Added an Aluminum Frame to the 250 Series Acoustic Panel. The Aluminum Frame Adds Edge

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    Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Panel - 300 Series

    We added a Thin, Impact Resistant Layer to the face of the 300 Series Acoustic Panel. The addition of the dense layer gives this Acoustic Panel

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    Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Panel - 350 Series

    The 350 Series Udderly Quiet™ is our Most Durable, Virtually Indestructible Acoustic Panel. This Acoustic Panel Model has a Thin, Impact Resistant Layer for Impact Protection

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    Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Panel - 400 Series

    Do you have a situation that requires Acoustic Treatment but you need a Low Profile material? The 400 series is the right Acoustic Panel. Thin, Durable


Soundproof Cow carries Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Panels, which are a professional grade Acoustic Product that is mounted to wall or ceiling surfaces. Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Panels provide an excellent acoustic performance combined with a multitude of fabric wrap finishes, sizes, and configurations that give you limitless design potential.

Our Fabric Wrapped Panels are “made to order” based on your specifications, so get creative and have fun! You can even upload your own images so we can create a truly custom, one of a kind art acoustic panel.

The craftsmanship and materials of Udderly Quiet™ Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels are of the highest standards available on the market. Choose from 1000’s of fabric options. Have a fabric in mind? Let our Acoustic team know and we’ll wrap your panels with your fabric!

Our Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels are all made with recycled materials and are hand made in South Central Pennsylvania. All Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Panels have a flammability rating of Class A and will pass stringent building code requirements for exposed materials.

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What Acoustic Panels will do for You:

  • Acoustic Panels will quiet your space by absorbing noise. These sound-absorbing fabric panels draw in and envelop loud and harsh sounds, giving you the silence you need to concentrate, relax, or hear your own music or speech clearly. If you’re plagued by the sounds of traffic from outside, muffled conversations among your upstairs neighbors or other distracting sounds, these fabric-wrapped acoustic panels can finally give you some much-needed peace.
  • Acoustic Panels will add privacy to your space. With your acoustic fabric panels in place, those outside your soundproof-paneled location will not be able to hear what is happening inside. You are free to have conversations without fear of being overheard, play loud music without worrying about complaints from neighbors, or otherwise go about your business without worrying that the noise you are making will invite unwanted intrusions to your privacy.
  • Acoustic Panels will improve speech intelligibility, recording quality and listening quality. In addition to blocking the outside noise and preventing noise transfer, these acoustic fabric panels can dampen and deaden interference and harsh sounds within the soundproofed area. This property allows you to hear conversations more clearly and make better, cleaner speeches or music for rehearsal or recording purposes.

What Acoustic Panels are perfect for:

  • Restaurant Acoustics, Office Acoustics, Church Acoustics, Hotel Lobby and Banquet Hall Acoustics  Locations like restaurants or hotel lobbies, where many conversations are going on at once, are the perfect place for our fabric-wrapped acoustic panels. These panels are great for any crowded gathering areas. The attractive, custom designs we offer allow the panels to fit right in with existing décor. In addition, the sound-dampening qualities of the panels block harsher sounds, allow people to hear and communicate with waiters, or have their own contained conversations comfortably.
  • Classroom Acoustics, Auditorium and Gymnasium Acoustics, Lecture hall Acoustics While classrooms and lecture halls are generally designed to have good acoustics, sound can escape from particularly large halls. Surrounding the room or hall with our fabric-wrapped acoustic panels can help trap and focus the sound inside so audiences can hear the speaker they were meant to, rather than a mix of conversations from in and outside the room.
  • Home and Home Theater Acoustics, Recording Studio Acoustics The incredible sound-dampening qualities of these sound-absorbing fabric panels allow you to enjoy the clean, clear, focused sound of your home theater speakers or produce clean sound for recording, without disturbing anyone who might be outside the theater or studio. It won’t allow interference from the outside sound to seep in. Plus, it’s a lot more attractive than lining the room with egg cartons.

NEW! In-Stock Acoustic Panels

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