What Is Acoustic Fabric?

what is acoustic fabric
December 17, 2021

You have a noisy space. Maybe it’s relatively small, like a home office or cozy residential home theater nook. Perhaps it’s a large auditorium or room in a restaurant or school setting. Regardless of its size, you want to dampen the sound to provide a quiet, peaceful atmosphere.

When researching soundproofing options on the market, be sure to investigate the many uses of acoustic fabric. Acoustic fabric can be a valuable resource if you’re attempting to reduce noise in any given area. Plus, it offers numerous other benefits, such as decorative purposes.

What Does Acoustic Fabric Do?

Like other common soundproof materials, including barriers and insulation, acoustic fabric absorbs sound by letting it pass through the material. You can think of acoustic fabric as a sort of sponge. Rather than allowing sound to bounce, the fibers embrace sounds. The absorption gives you a quieter space where sound isn’t reflected back into the air.

As you might guess, the materials used to create acoustic fabric are essential. Most acoustic fabrics are quite breathable and hold their shape well. They can be natural, as in the case of cotton, or manufactured material, like polyester or nylon. They can also be a mixture of fibers. As long as they absorb sound, they are appropriate for acoustically transparent fabric uses.

What Are Some Applications for Acoustic Fabric?

In the soundproofing industry, acoustic fabrics are frequently used to cover other sound-absorbing products. A great example of this would be a fabric-wrapped sound panel. The acoustic fabric allows sound to travel through it so the sound can be dampened by the panel underneath. Such panels could be attached to walls, used as partitions or even hung from the ceiling.

Acoustic fabrics can be used alone, too, as in the case of heavy draperies. However, when paired with a soundproof panel or barrier, acoustic fabrics fight against noise more effectively.

Are There Other Advantages to Acoustic Fabric?

If you’re concerned about the safety of a room, you can use acoustic fabrics to make the environment more secure in the event of an emergency, such as a fire. Look for acoustic fabrics that are Class A fire-rated. They’ll produce less smoke if they start to burn, making them appealing and useful for commercial installations.

Acoustic fabrics aren’t just practical, of course. They’re also attractive. Since acoustic fabrics can come in countless colors, patterns and textures, they can be useful for creating the ideal designer touch in any space. That means they do their job consistently while adding aesthetic appeal.

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