How to Soundproof a Multipurpose Room

How to Soundproof a Multipurpose Room
January 21, 2022

Multipurpose rooms serve numerous roles in your school, church or office building. You can use these rooms for everything from playing an indoor soccer game to holding choir practice or hosting a potluck dinner.

Multipurpose rooms hold many people, and they can become pretty loud depending on the activity. Sounds start bouncing off the walls, ceilings and floor, creating background noise that increases until you lose focus on the sounds happening near you. To eliminate the problem, you need to soundproof your multipurpose room.

Easy Steps for Soundproofing a Multipurpose Room

To soundproof the room, determine the cubic footage of the space by measuring the length, width and height. With this information, you can submit your measurements and receive recommendations from Soundproof Cow based on your unique situation. You can also remove furniture or decor with a hard surface, as these items contribute to the noise in the room.

Reducing the amount of ambient echo in a space can decrease background noise. You can use sound-absorbing panels to acoustically treat almost any type of room.

hanging baffles

Your approach may depend on the type of multipurpose room you have. A gymnasium, for instance, demands hanging baffles that absorb sound and damp down reverberation. Hanging baffles mount on the ceiling or hang from the wall, and they contain material that reduces the echo in the room while enhancing other aesthetics. You may need ceiling clouds or acoustic panels to manage the noise in smaller areas.

If you care about the appearance of the space, you may opt for acoustic foam clouds to add visual interest to the ceiling. Plus, visitors won’t notice these unless they look up.

How Long Does It Take to Soundproof a Multipurpose Room?

Once you have the suitable materials, it will generally takes about two days to finish the soundproofing in your multipurpose room.

Get the Right Materials to Soundproof a Multipurpose Room

Starting a soundproofing project from scratch can feel intimidating, but Soundproof Cow offers the support you need to get it done correctly. Contact us to learn more about our materials and how they can help you.

Get Soundproofing Materials for Multipurpose Rooms