How to Soundproof a Sunroom

how to soundproof a sunroom
January 07, 2022

Who wouldn’t want to spend hours in a sunny, enclosed area watching your favorite show, having conversations with loved ones or even working occasionally from home? Sunrooms offer a cozy, convenient space to relax and entertain.

However, sunrooms are often not very efficient at absorbing sound. The reason sunrooms can get noisy is because they’re built with surfaces that allow sound to bounce. Many sunrooms have large glass windows or even ceilings, allowing sound to reverberate. If your sunroom floors are made of a hard surface like marble or concrete, you might notice even more echoing.

The good news is that it only takes a little effort to soundproof a sunroom.

Top 5 Ways to Soundproof Your Sunroom

Try the following tricks to help reduce the racket in a space that should be serene.

1. Add Carpets or Area Rugs to Soundproof Your Sunroom

Depending on your preferred aesthetic, you can install or place textile flooring in your sunroom. Rugs and carpets naturally absorb sound. Plus, they add warm, welcoming visual touches to any room.

2. Hang Heavy Curtains Throughout the Sunroom Space

Though you might not want to cover your sunroom windows during the day, having curtains for nighttime can make the space seem cozier. The curtains can also help you dampen the sound coming in or going out of the sunroom. Enjoy increased privacy for your family game night.

3. Seal Your Doors With Soundproofing Materials

You might be surprised at how ineffective your sunroom doors are at keeping noise to a minimum. Applying a sealing product around the perimeter of the entrances and exits to your sunroom can make a huge difference in the sound quality of the space. If you’re handy, you can buy a DIY door soundproofing kit to get fast results.

4. Soundproof Sunroom Floors With High-Quality Underlayment

Maybe your area rugs aren’t absorbing quite as much noise as you’d like. No problem. Think about adding a soundproofing underlayment to your floors. The right type of underlayment absorbs and traps noises. Plus, if you have a room under your sunroom, such as a usable basement home entertainment center, the sound from the sunroom won’t migrate downward.

5. Increase the Number of Furnishings in the Sunroom

Does your sunroom look a little bare? Bring more furniture into the space. You could include another sofa, loveseat or cozy chair. It could also mean adding a decorative wall partition — fabric-covered soundproof panels can work here too—  or lots of plants. The more furnishings you have that will absorb sound, the better your sunroom audio will be for listening to music or talking with friends.

Get Creative With Sunroom Soundproofing With Soundproof Cow

Sunrooms are amazing spaces that tend to get tons of use for at least three seasons out of the year—and sometimes year-round. Make sure your sunroom retains a quiet charm by applying some of our soundproofing ideas.

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