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Which Acoustic Foam Shape Is Best?

October 06, 2023
Which Acoustic Foam Shape is Best?

Acoustic foam is a useful tool for mitigating unwanted sounds in residential homes. Professionals in multiple industries also rely on acoustic foam for tasks like recording high-quality audio, mitigating echo in large rooms or improving the way sound moves from a source to an audience. While there are similarities between these products on the market, […]

Soundproof Cow to be Featured on “Tiny House Nation” on FYI Network 

March 01, 2017
soundproof cow featured on Tiny House Nation

Soundproof Cow is coming to a TV near you! On March 4, 2017, we will be featured on “Tiny House Nation” on the FYI Network. The tiny house phenomenon is an eco-friendly movement that’s sweeping the nation.

The Art of Soundproofing in Architecture

September 06, 2016
The Art Of Soundproofing In Architecture

When you decide to visit the newest and trendy microbrewery in town for a lovely date night; the conversation of others, combined with the sounds of clinking glass, background music and open kitchen concept; leave you wondering “Why” didn’t we just stay home? When the weekend kicks off and the video games commence in the […]

Celebrate Earth. Soundproof Green.

April 19, 2016
Earth Day Celebration

  Soundproof Cow is a proudly veteran-owned and operated company based straight in the heartland of South Central Pennsylvania’s agriculture hub. We take our earth and environment seriously. Littering has countless adverse side effects on our society and eco-system. Every proactive step we can take toward cleaning up our homes (even from within our walls, […]

Creating Barriers Between You and Unwanted Noise

April 12, 2016
Creating Barriers Between You and Unwanted Noise

The trunk of a car. The lining of a boat’s hull. The walls between two apartments. The underlayment of a cabin’s carpet. Restaurants. Home theaters. Office complexes. Broadcast studios. As we move throughout the day, as we create movement, we create conversations, play music, watch TV, stomp feet, slam doors, juice our vegetable, we live […]

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