Sound Isolation Systems

  • green glue tube rbi

    Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound (Case of 12)

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  • Top MOOver! isoTrax Soundproofing System with an isolation rail, isolation screws and isolation pads

    isoTRAX® Soundproofing System

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  • isoTrax Soundproofing System with 5 isolation rails, 35 isolation screws and 35 isolation pads

    isoTRAX® Soundproofing System Ceiling Package

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  • Purlin Bracket

    Resilmount Purlin Bracket

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  • betaflix

    Resilmount™ Betafix Adjustable Furring Channel Clip

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  • direct

    Resilmount™ Direct Fix Furring Channel Mount

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  • 65 lb hanger

    Resilmount™ Isolation Hanger – 65lb

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  • bracket

    Resilmount™ Right Angle Bracket

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  • simple

    Resilmount™ Simple Furring Channel Mount

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  • soundproofing floor joist isolators 50 pcs

    Floor Joist Isolators (Case of 100)

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  • soundproofing fji 50 pcs

    Floor Joist Isolators (Case of 50)

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  • resilmount isolation hanger

    Resilmount™ Isolation Hanger – 120lb

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  • 200 lb hanger

    Resilmount™ Isolation Hanger – 200lb

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Sound Isolation Systems

Soundproof Cow’s sound isolation systems offer comprehensive solutions for minimizing excess noise in rooms of any size. As part of our commitment to being your full-service provider of sound deadening material, we provide a range of modular products that can be combined together, scaled up or down, or modified as necessary to meet the needs of both commercial and DIY customers.

As a result, our sound isolation systems are perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, offices, both home and commercial theaters, recording studios, equipment rooms, restaurants and more. Sound isolation systems eliminate external noise and create a quiet environment where you can work, study and relax in peace.

Our Products

The isoTRAX® soundproofing system is one of the easiest ways to incorporate highly effective sound deadening materials inside a wall or ceiling. The basic wall system consists of a set of rails and sound deadening pads that offers coverage for up to 64 square feet. Ceiling packages are also available, and multiple units can be paired together to offer a complete acoustic isolation solution for a larger room.

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What Is Sound Isolation?

Sound isolation systems block noise by creating separation between two surfaces that the sound attempts to pass through.

Sound waves that hit a surface cause vibrations. When the surface is one solid surface, the vibration affects the entire fixture, and the sound works its way through. Creating a second surface with an air gap between them prevents the sound from transmitting through the entire structure.

Contractors use the isolation process, also known as decoupling, to prevent noise transfer between rooms. It’s possible to decouple walls, floors and ceilings. Decoupling can either occur during a room’s construction or afterward by building a new fixture with a space between it and the original. Builders enhance the decoupling effect by padding the studs or joists with porous materials. Adding sound insulation or a sound barrier will also increase the effects.

Is Sound Isolating the Same as Noise Canceling?

Sound isolation and noise canceling are separate concepts. Sound isolation systems prevent noise from reaching a new area. In the case of room soundproofing, isolation stops noise from leaving one room and entering another. Sound-isolating headphones also prevent outside interference by sealing the listener’s ears from outside noise. Noise cancellation uses offsetting frequencies to drown out noise. Noise-canceling headphones produce ambient sound that cancels out incoming noise.

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