Sound Dampening & Deadening

  • RoadBlockR

    RoadBlockR Sound Deadening Material

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  • silent running 1 gallon

    Silent Running (1 gallon)

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  • silent running liquid 5 gallon

    Silent Running Soundproof Coating (5 gallons)

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  • sound deadening vb pad

    Vibra Block® Sound Deadening Material (Pad)

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  • sound deadening

    Vibra Block® Sound Deadening Material (Sheet)

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  • sound deadening

    Vibra Block® Sound Deadening Material (Strip)

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What Is Sound Dampening & Deadening?

Sound dampening removes vibrational energy by acting as a shock absorber, thus quieting the sound that something transmits. Sound-dampening materials work to reduce rattling vibrations in your car, at home or at work. You can put an end to the tedious noise pollution caused by appliances and city streets with sound-deadening and dampening materials that are specially made to absorb and dissipate unwanted sound clutter.


Our sound-deadening materials come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Materials can be easily painted into oddly shaped surfaces, like on generators and pumps, or peeled and stuck into easily accessed spaces like cabinets and car hoods. Sound dampening is a great solution for industrial workers, car enthusiasts, maintenance workers and do-it-yourselfers who are tired of having air conditioning units that rattle and vibrate like a shopping cart with a broken wheel.

What Is the Best Way to Dampen Sound?

The best way to dampen sound is to apply specialized materials that reduce vibrations and absorb and dissipate unwanted noise.

For example, installing sound-dampening material can reduce the noise created by rattling water pipes in your home. It can also prevent steel structures from vibrating on construction sites. For cars, sound-deadening materials can block out road noise. No matter the application, sound-deadening materials absorb energy so that the surface they’re applied to transmits less sound.

What Are the Best Materials for Sound Deadening?

At Soundproof Cow, we offer numerous sound-deadening materials for industrial and residential use. Browse our inventory for some of the most reliable sound-dampening and -deadening materials, including:

  • RoadBlockRRoadBlockR is a sheet that lines any surface of your car. This material improves sound quality inside your vehicle by reducing the amount of road noise that enters the cabin.
  • Silent Running SR-500: Silent Running SR-500 is a coating you can paint over surfaces to reduce vibrations. Use this material on metal, wood, fiberglass or plastic in any environment.
  • Vibra Block®Vibra Block® is a sheet that peels and sticks to vibrating surfaces. Applying this product will reduce impact noise and vibrations.

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Types of Sound Dampening Materials

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