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High-Performing Soundproofing Barriers

Life happens, but sound transfer doesn’t have to. Whether the noise is coming from a compressor enclosure, a noisy air duct, a drainage pipe, or granddad’s TV blaring a notch too high, easy-install soundproof barriers can help restore peace and quiet to your space.

Soundproof barriers use composite layers of vinyl, foam or fiberglass to block, dampen and deflect sound energy and vibration. They are often flexible and equipped with a peel-and-stick adhesive that makes them incredibly easy to install around pipes, on top of drywall, and inside nontraditional spaces like boat cabins and vehicle trunks.

If you’re looking for a soundproofing material to prevent common noise like conversation, television or stereo sound from entering and leaving spaces, vinyl sound barriers are one of our most popular entry-level options. Our fiberglass temporary sound barriers are also a great option if it is only a short-term noise that needs to be quieted, or if you’re looking for a truly installation-free solution.

Soundproofing Barriers are perfect for: studios, home theaters, offices, restaurants, homes, automotive trunk liners, floorplans, marine cabin carpet underlayments, and cabin and hull liners.

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What Is the Most Effective Sound Barrier?

Your sound barrier should block as much sound as possible. To be effective, that barrier must have a high mass and density. Therefore, concrete walls are the most effective sound barrier. However, there’s more to consider when soundproofing a room.

While a massive, dense barrier will block most of the sound energy that hits it, a hard surface will reflect the sound wave back into the room. Concrete walls cause echoing and reflection that do not reduce the noise in a room. Therefore, a material that combines sound-blocking capabilities with absorbency is the best type of sound barrier.

At Soundproof Cow, we offer numerous materials that block and absorb sound. Products like fiberglass composites, foam composites, mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) barriers and acoustic quilts offer a premier blend of soundproofing and sound-absorbing capabilities.

How Effective Are Noise Barriers?

Noise barriers prevent a significant amount of sound transmission. We test each product to assign a sound transmission class (STC) rating, which describes the ability to prevent transmission on a scale from 25 to 65. A higher rating equates to lower noise penetration. We carry numerous noise barriers with STC ratings exceeding 30 to prevent transmission in industrial and residential environments.

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Types of Soundproofing Barriers

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