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Warehouse Soundproofing

How to Soundproof a Warehouse?

So how do you get started with soundproofing a warehouse? Soundproof Cow has a wide range of materials and products to effectively soundproof your warehouse and we recommend you look over all of them. Our premier product — Quiet Batt® Heavy-Duty Soundproofing Insulation — is a great way to protect your facility. This insulation has multiple layers of protection, including a powerful soundproofing material that absorbs sound, plus foam layers to support that material and dampen vibratory noise.

Other useful soundproofing options you may wish to consider for your warehouse may include our fire-rated studio foam that combines quality soundproofing with fire protection and our Quiet Board™ water-resistant panels.

Soundproof Cow is proud to offer products made largely of recycled cotton, meaning they are safer for the environment and easy to handle and install. If you’re not sure exactly which of our soundproofing solutions are best for your warehouse or the best way to implement them, we at Soundproof Cow are happy to help. We would love to provide an acoustic analysis of your warehouse for you at no cost. Just fill out our simple form.

For more information or to order some of our soundproofing products for your warehouse, contact us today!

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Warehouse Soundproofing Products

  • Top MOOver! isoTrax Soundproofing System with an isolation rail, isolation screws and isolation pads

    isoTRAX® Soundproofing System

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  • Soundproofing_ QBHD_Composite_Install

    Quiet Barrier® HD Soundproofing Composite

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    Quiet Barrier® HD Soundproofing Material (Sheet)

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  • Top MOOver! Sale! 4 layer Quiet Barrier™ Specialty Composite made with reinforced polyester and acoustic foam

    Quiet Barrier® Specialty Composite

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Warehouse Sound Absorption Products

Why is Warehouse Soundproofing Important?

Warehouses, with their high ceilings, industrial rack shelving, and concrete flooring, are full of hard, reflective surfaces. These surfaces cause noise to bounce back into the area. This results in poor sound quality.

Forklifts, stock selectors, and other equipment all create noise. Without proper warehouse soundproofing, the noise can interfere with production and ultimately cost your company money.

Moreover, the noise can be hazardous to the health and safety of employees. Employees can’t communicate effectively, resulting in unnecessary accidents. And over time, exposure to loud noise can permanently damage hearing.

Warehouses come to Soundproof Cow because they want to improve their work environment, protect employees and save money on lost production. With our warehouse soundproofing materials, noise is reduced drastically.

There’s also the issue of noise pollution in the environment. Perhaps your warehouse is in a relatively isolated area where the sounds of your machines and equipment running all day will not distract the community. But that sound can travel farther than you think. And if your warehouse is close to a populated area, it’s easy to make some enemies out of your neighbors when you’re just trying to get some work done.

If you make the effort to provide good warehouse noise control, not only will your employees appreciate it, but the neighborhood probably will as well. You can build a lot of goodwill by controlling the amount of noise your warehouse puts out, and it’s not hard to do with reliable warehouse soundproofing courtesy of Soundproof Cow products.

Remember that warehouse sound control is not just about keeping “bad sounds” out or preventing your sound from leaking into the world — it’s about directing and controlling harsh noises within your warehouse for better communication and conditions for your workers. Our warehouse soundproofing products can both deaden and dampen noise for an overall better warehouse environment.

As an added bonus, workers who are subjected to less noise can be less irritable and less likely to get headaches, which means they can be happier and work harder for you.

What Can Warehouse Soundproofing Do For You?

  • Provide a safe work environment for employees: accidents caused by poor communication are eliminated and hearing loss is prevented
  • Increase productivity by decreasing distractions so your company will benefit with higher profits
  • Reduce complaints from neighboring buildings, allowing you to focus on what’s most important

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I just wanted to let you know that in the end, sealing the air spaces on this door worked just fine and took care of the problem.

I really appreciate you taking so much time to share your expertise with me, and in particular recommending I try the simpler solution before investing in more expensive noise barriers. That is a big credit to you and your business.

- Mike

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