Fire Rated Foam Panels

What Is Class A Acoustic Foam?

Our Class A Acoustic Foam products are designed to absorb sound in high-temperature environments. For any building or application requiring Class A™ rated materials, our Class A Acoustic Foam is the ideal premium grade sound absorption foam panel.

These fire rated foam panels provide additional protection, offering heat-resistant properties in temperatures reaching up to 482°F. Because of their high levels of heat resistance, our Class A™ Acoustic Foam Panels complement any environment where temperatures exceed higher-than-average levels.

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Features and Benefits

Class A™ Acoustic Foam Panels are built to achieve. After all, the end result of a foam panel engineered with high-quality melamine foam is a product that consistently performs. Due to their fiber-free construction, our Class A Acoustic Foam Panels are the perfectly suited candidate for facilities where medical and computer equipment is necessary as well.

Additionally, these heat resistant panels are very lightweight. Made from low-density material, the end outcome of our Class A™ Acoustic Foam is an easy-to-handle product that makes for a simpler and smoother installation. Open-celled by nature, the foam attaches easily to a number of surfaces without the need for added skill or preparation.

Perhaps best of all is the limited need for extra tools. All contractors and most DIYers have nearly everything they need in their toolkit to install any number of fire-rated acoustic foam panels. Simply peel-and-place your Class A™ Acoustic Foam in the desired location after taking measurements — no additional tools or resources are necessary.

Our world-class fire-rated acoustic panels come in different thicknesses for minimal to maximum noise reduction. This variety allows commercial and residential installers to choose the proper panel depth to drown out decibels. Each product includes a handy technical data spec sheet indicating the noise reduction coefficient (NRC) for that product. Additionally, each Class A 1″ fire-resistant panel comes in a variety of facing colors to perfectly blend in with any home, office or other soundproofing project.

Recommended Use

Due to its flame-resistant and fiber-free qualities, Class A™ Acoustic Foam is the ideal fit for any area that required additional heat protection or security. While its high level of flame-resistance is well-suited for environments where hot objects could potentially come in contact with the material, this foam is also ideal for any area that draws a large crowd of people.

Medical facilities and any locations that use high-tech computer equipment will also benefit from its fiber-free composition. While versatile in application, our class A™ Acoustic Foam is most recommended for areas necessitating hygiene, medical facilities, computer rooms and manufacturing facilities.

Other applications for these high-quality, versatile fire-resistant panels include:

  • Installation under or as ceiling tiles for added soundproofing in selective locations.
  • Installation in and around indoor gun ranges and target practice areas to suppress echoes.
  • Installation in office equipment rooms that contain multiple machines, such as heavy-duty (and loud!) printers.

Wherever loud sounds are a problem, fire-rated acoustic panels from Soundproof Cow can be the solution.

Fire Rated Acoustic Panel Installation

One of the most significant advantages of these fire-rated acoustic foam panels is their ease of installation. You can simply apply these panels due to their peel-and-place Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) and they’re easy to move around thanks to their lightweight feel.

Installation requires a tube of PL® Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive, available online through Soundproof Cow. When used in tandem with the fire-rated acoustic foam panels’ PSA, the PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive helps keep panels from slipping. Remember that the secret to a reliably soundproofed environment isn’t a secret at all. It’s a mixture of the best materials, proper planning and installation.

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Our Class A™ Acoustic Foam is available in gray or white and 2ft x 4ft. dimensions for added convenience. To learn more about our products, get in touch with us online or by phone at 866-949-9269. We’ll help you find the foam panels or other soundproofing materials ideal for your needs.

The times I talked with you on the telephone and corresponded through email you have been very helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend to anyone!

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