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Fire Rated Foam

What Is Class A Acoustic Foam?

Our Class A Acoustic Foam products are designed to absorb sound in high-temperature environments. For any building or application requiring Class A™ rated materials, our Class A Acoustic Foam is the ideal premium grade sound absorption foam panel.

These fire rated foam panels provide additional protection, offering heat-resistant properties in temperatures reaching up to 482°F. Because of their high levels of heat resistance, our Class A™ Acoustic Foam Panels complement any environment where temperatures exceed higher-than-average levels.

Features and Benefits

Class A™ Acoustic Foam Panels are built to achieve. After all, the end result of a foam panel engineered with highquality melamine foam is a product that consistently performs. Due to their fiber-free construction, our Class A Acoustic Foam Panels are the perfectly suited candidate for facilities where medical and computer equipment is necessary as well.

Additionally, these acoustic foam panels are very lightweight. Made from low-density material, the end outcome of our Class A™ Acoustic Foam is an easy-to-handle product that makes for a simpler and smoother installation. Open-celled by nature, the foam attaches easily to a number of surfaces without the need for added skill or preparation. Simply peel-and-place your Class A™ Acoustic Foam in the desired location — no additional tools or resources are necessary.

Recommended Use

Due to its flame-resistant and fiber-free qualities, Class A™ Acoustic Foam is the ideal fit for any area that required additional heat protection or security. While its high level of flame-resistance is well-suited for environments where hot objects could potentially come in contact with the material, this foam is also ideal for any area that draws a large crowd of people. Additionally, medical facilities and any locations that use high-tech computer equipment will also benefit from its fiber-free composition. While versatile in application, our class A™ Acoustic Foam is most recommended for areas necessitating hygiene, medical facilities, computer rooms and manufacturing facilities.

Our Class A™ Acoustic Foam is available in gray or white and 2ft x 4ft. dimensions for added convenience. To learn more about our products, get in touch with us online or by phone at 866-949-9269. We’ll help you find the foam panels or other soundproofing materials ideal for your needs.

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your rapid response and helpfulness. I very much appreciated it. You have been responsive in every way all through the process. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company.

- T. Alexander

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