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From burning it up or blasting the sound to “proof” the sound quality to you, Soundproof Cow demonstrates sound solutions in action. Showcasing seven products – including a best seller, Quiet Batt™ – and a five-part series of Music Hall, we include you in our process of how the herd expertly advises you with sound solutions and why Soundproof Cow’s quality products are the perfect option to bring you calm in your chaos.

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Quiet Batt™ Burn Test

This 50-second clip reveals how Soundproof Cow’s Quiet Batt™ stands up against two of its competing brands in a burn test. Having a Class A™ Flammability rating, among other features, it clearly proves superior!

RoadBlockR™ Sound Test

This 27-second RoadBlockR™ Sound Test shows the difference between an untreated and treated metal plate, the latter using RoadBlockR™ Sound Deadening Material. It really does deaden the sound!

Silent Running Sound Test

This 26-second Silent Running Sound Test clip helps you understand what sound deadening material is by seeing and hearing it in action.

LOW VOC 90 Acoust

This 1:14 minute clip demonstrates the proper application and recommendations when using the LOW VOC 90 Acoust sound solution product. A perfect DIY project to start soundproofing your space.

EccoTone™ Panels – Custom Design with lights

This 49-second clip showcases a beautiful, custom designed backlit EccoTone™ Panel. Made locally in South Central Pennsylvania using the highest quality USA materials, these treatments are typically wall or ceiling mounted.

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