Quiet Board™ Water Resistant Panels

Water-Resistant Acoustic Panels

Soundproof Cow lives, breathes and “moo”s acoustic panels, which is why we carry a wide selection of top acoustical brands, like Quiet Board™. Our water-resistant acoustic panels are made with the highest quality materials so you can soundproof any room or space for years to come.

Made with a Styrofoam-type material, water-resistant acoustic panels are scientifically designed to absorb sound, meaning what sound goes in doesn’t come out. And because Styrofoam is a highly durable material, it’s perfect for water-resistant acoustic panels. These resilient panels are effective for a wide variety of uses and applications.

I just wanted to let you know that in the end, sealing the air spaces on this door worked just fine and took care of the problem.

I really appreciate you taking so much time to share your expertise with me, and in particular recommending I try the simpler solution before investing in more expensive noise barriers. That is a big credit to you and your business.

- Mike

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