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How Does Construction Affect Wall Soundproofing?

How Does Construction Affect Wall Soundproofing?

If you are preparing to start a soundproofing project, it is important to consider the materials used in wall construction. The specific materials will impact how noisy or quiet the space is once it is complete.

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What Type of Construction Are You Working With?

The construction of the building is one of the most important aspects to consider concerning wall soundproofing. A wide variety of wall assemblies are utilized in construction, which will affect the performance of your soundproofing.

Wall assemblies can be assigned a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating and an Impact Isolation Class (IIC) rating to show how much sound can come through or transmit to the space below. Paying attention to the ratings for each type of construction will help you choose the right soundproofing solution for the space.

Do You Have Vents or Plumbing Running Through Your Wall Construction?

When it comes to your wall construction, plumbing and HVAC can effect your soundproofing project. For example, different types of pipes can create sound issues.

PVC pipes are lightweight and made out of a plastic compound. They are a cost-effective solution and are common in construction. Because of their design, PVC pipes can allow sound transfer, which can be controlled with soundproofing. Copper pipes tend to be noisier than PVC pipes, especially with higher pressures.

Do You Have Electrical Outlets and Wiring in Your Construction?

If you are soundproofing existing walls or designing new construction, you will need to consider the electrical components. Both electrical outlets and wiring can be easy conduits for sound transfer. Sounds can also travel from one room to another through electrical boxes. Soundproofing these areas can help prevent flanking noise, which is noise entering from an indirect method.

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