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Soundproofing for Tinnitus

Soundproofing for Tinnitus

One in every ten people experiences some form of tinnitus during their lifetime. Whether this ringing is short-lived or lasts for months on end, tinnitus is a tedious effect millions of individuals suffer from. Luckily, you can reduce the severity of your tinnitus through soundproofing materials that help control the austerity of your sound reception. Tinnitus soundproofing permits those who struggle with unwanted ringing ears to discover a sense of . . .


The Relationship Between Music and Memory

how does music help memory

How does music affect memory? We’ve probably all experienced the phenomenon where an old song reminds us of a time in our lives or even evokes a specific memory. Most people may not give this a second thought. It may seem as sensible as having an old toy from your childhood evoke a memory. However, studies have shown that music-related memory is a far stronger effect, and that there’s a . . .


Soundproofing Solutions for Those With Misophonia

soundproofing for misophonia

We all have sounds we find extremely irritating, like nails on a chalkboard or extremely loud chewing. But for sufferers of Misophonia, the problem is much worse. In these individuals, ordinary sounds that other people might find only mildly irritating or not notice at all — like chewing, pen clicking, slurping and the like — can produce massively negative reactions. How Does Misophonia Affect People? In most misophonia suffers, the . . .


What Is Vibration Therapy?

what is vibration therapy

Vibration therapy uses vibrations created from sound to treat pain, muscle stiffness and other conditions, as well as help your body heal after an injury, like a broken bone. How does vibration therapy work, though? And how effective is it? We have the answers to your questions, and much more, below. How Vibration Therapy Works We know vibration therapy uses vibrations, but how does it affect our body, bones and . . .


How Sound Affects Animals

Sounds and Animals

We know noise can negatively affect humans, but can sound harm animals? Pet owners know how sounds, such as thunder during a storm, can affect their pets. It’s more than natural noises that affect animals though. Science now shows that in addition to humans, noise pollution also influences animals.  Find out more about how animals are responding to sound below. How Marine Animals React to Sound Noise pollution studies on . . .

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