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Top Methods to Reduce Excess Sound

May 22, 2023
Top Methods to Reduce Excess Sound

Whether you want to improve productivity in the workplace or create a more peaceful environment for relaxation at home, reducing excess sound can be highly beneficial. Luckily, you can use different methods to design a quieter and more enjoyable space. From larger projects like installing new insulation to minor changes like adding soft furniture, explore […]

Green Glue Versus Mass Loaded Vinyl

May 19, 2023
Green Glue Versus Mass Loaded Vinyl

There are plenty of tips and tricks for soundproofing your space. Whether you want to soundproof a studio, room, vehicle or any other enclosed area, you’ll want to choose the right strategy. Learn the benefits of using Green Glue vs. mass loaded vinyl (MLV) to save money picking the best solution for your project. What […]

How to Design a Meditation Room

May 05, 2023
How to Design a Meditation Room

Meditating helps people put their minds in the right place to conquer their day. If you’re interested in starting a meditation routine or providing a space at work for others to do the same, adding a meditation room is a great step to take. Let’s discuss how you can build a meditation room in your […]

What Is Vibration Isolation?

April 25, 2023
What Is Vibration Isolation?

Creating a calm and pleasant space is important for home and business owners. Whether you’re working or relaxing at home, having peace and quiet can help boost productivity and make the space more enjoyable for everyone. If you have annoying buzzing and vibrations in your space due to an HVAC system or machinery, you can […]

Soundproof Your Sump Pump

April 21, 2023
How to Soundproof a Sump Pump

At Soundproof Cow, we help homeowners handle unwanted sounds from various sources, including sump pumps. Continue reading to learn how to quiet sump pump noise. Causes of Sump Pump Noise Loud noises from your sump pump can disturb your peace. Before you can address the noise, you need to understand the cause. The noise you […]

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