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Impact Noise vs. Airborne Noise

March 02, 2022
Impact Noise vs Airborne Noise

All sound is a result of waves that cause vibrations that reach the ear or a recording device after traveling through a given medium, but many people who are concerned about acoustics often do not take the time to distinguish between impact noise vs. airborne noise. These are two very different types of noises that […]

What Are R-Values for Insulation?

February 28, 2022
What Are R-Values for Insulation

Insulation is rated by its thermal resistance or R-value. The R-value of insulation helps you find the right level of insulation for a home or business. Having too much insulation wastes money, but having too little can lead to heat loss in your home, increase your heating bills and make your home temperatures low. Learning […]

4 Causes of Noisy Pipes

February 07, 2022

Clanging, knocking or otherwise noisy pipes can keep you from enjoying tranquility at home. You’ll want to figure out and address the cause of the noise before it starts disrupting your life. 1. High Water Pressure If you hear knocking sounds when your water is running or when you turn cold water taps off, water […]

The 4 Types of Noise in Communication

February 07, 2022

Not all noise is created equal. There are four types of noise during communication that can make it more difficult to understand the other things going on around you. Read on to learn more about the four types of noise in communication. Physical Noise Physical noise includes the sounds created around you every day. It […]

How Noise Affects Communication 

February 07, 2022
How Noise Affects Communication

No one wants to ask someone to repeat themselves for the fourth time in a row when chatting in a noisy room or strain to hear a phone call over the background noise on the other end. Noise can have a significant impact on the way we communicate with one another. Whether it’s in an […]