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Top Ten Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Open Office

December 21, 2018

Open floor plans have become an established standard for newer companies, and there are many great reasons for them. These types of offices seem to foster creativity, facilitate communication and encourage a collaborative spirit in the workplace — but when you have an open office space, noise can be a real concern.

Ways to Reduce Open Office Noise

Anytime you get a large number of people in the same open space, sound is bound to become an issue. Without an adequate way to reduce noise levels in a workplace, the open office can have the opposite effect — making clear communication difficult, creating distractions and generally frustrating your employees. Office noise reduction in an office without separate, enclosed units may seem impossible, but there are effective strategies for soundproofing an open office. Here are the top ten ways to consider:

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you can’t soundproof the office, soundproof the employees! The highest quality noise-canceling headphones can make even the most open office feel like a private library.

2. Quiet Space

Putting a room in your open office dedicated to quiet for employees to share can solve a lot of problems when it comes to soundproofing an open office. If employees can escape to make a phone call, work out a tough problem or even just to hear themselves think for a few minutes, it can make things much easier. You can outfit a room with reliable sound dampening acoustic panels like Soundproof Cow’sfabric-wrapped acoustic panels to create a soundproof environment in your open office.

3. White Noise

Provide your employees with white noise machines or just place one in the center of the office to create waves of pleasing, harsh noise-masking frequencies that will help smooth out the cacophony of open office sounds.

4. Plants

Plants are great sound blockers and can improve the look and air quality of your office as well.

5. Furniture

Strategically-placed furniture can block sound and create somewhat walled-off areas even in an open floor plan.

6. Quiet Floors

Vinyl or carpet floors with a soundproofing underlay like Soundproof Cow Impact QT Floor Underlayment can cushion many of the impact sounds that can trouble open offices, like people walking or running across the floor, dropped office supplies and chairs rolling around.

7. Strategic Layout

It’s not just the furniture you can place strategically. Keeping all the noisy machines at the far end of the office from the employees is one of many ways you can create a sound-friendly layout.

8. Acoustic Panels

You don’t need to reserve our acoustic panels for the quiet room. You can easily install these effective, attractive panels anywhere in the office where you want to control sound.

9. Partitions

An open office doesn’t have to be completely open. Some strategically placed partitions can do wonders for sound control.

10. Soundproofing Insulation

A strong insulating barrier like our Quiet Batt™ 30 Soundproofing Insulation is a great way to be more energy-efficient and control sound.

Find a few or try them all to help your open office be as soundproof as possible.