How to Soundproof a Cubicle

How to Soundproof a Cubicle
January 04, 2019

The goal of cubicles is to give all employees their own private office, but anyone who has worked in one knows that’s not how it works in practice. If you are working in a cubicle, it can be extremely frustrating. Everyone can hear your phone conversations, and it can be impossible to concentrate on your work with background noise from co-workers. However, it’s not just your co-workers that are responsible for office noise. There are several other factors that amplify office noise.

What Causes Cubicle Noise?

Cubicle walls are thin and open on the top, as well as open on at least one side, which means sound can escape and enter. There are also many hard elements in an office, such as the cubicle itself, giving sound waves the opportunity to bounce off of them and echo, further compounding the noise problem.

But given the dimensions of a cubicle, how can you possibly soundproof it?

Soundproofing Your Cubicle While Decorating With Acoustic Panels

How to Soundproof an Office Cubicle

While you may not be able to create a perfectly silent cocoon out of your cubicle, there are soundproofing tactics you can try. Here are noise reduction techniques you can use to soundproof cubicle panels, walls and the entire office for a better acoustic experience.

1. Add White Noise to Office Cubicles

The purpose of a  white noise machine is to cover existing sound with a range of pleasing frequencies to mask that noise. Even if unwanted sound gets in or out, you won’t hear it — or you won’t hear it as intensely.

2. Increase Cubicle Height

Another trick, if you can get away with it, is to increase the height of your cubicle, and perhaps even make a little ceiling. The harder sound has to work to get into your cubicle, the better your sound control will be.

3. Soundproof Each Cubicle With Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels in Office Cubicles for Soundproofing

Putting up acoustic panels can help you improve the sound in your cubicle. These are very easy to install and do an excellent job of capturing and dampening sound. You’ll experience fewer harsh noises and can enjoy clearer communication and fewer noise distractions inside your cubicle. In a sense, they’re your ticket to having soundproof cubicle walls and a quiet cubicle.

Acoustic paneling from Soundproof Cow is tailor-made for office soundproofing and cubicle soundproofing in particular. These panels are designed to absorb harsh noises and reduce reverberation, effectively quieting the sound in your immediate environment. Our fabric wrapped panels also look great, so they are an ideal way to decorate your cubicle as well as control the sound. We even have art acoustic panels that allow you to decorate your soundproofing panels with your favorite artwork!

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4. Hang Sound Blankets

An easy way to soundproof office cubicles is with the help of soundproof blankets and temporary barriers. Use sound barriers for office cubicles to block out noise from outside and inside the office. Cover windows, doors or even the wall you share with your noisy cubicle neighbor. Sound blankets provide an extra buffer to absorb sound, and you can take them down when the office gets quiet again.

Install soundproofing partitions

5. Install Soundproofing Partitions

If some areas of the office are noisier than others, it could be helpful to block off that section from the more quiet cubicles. To do this, install a soundproofing partition as a room divider. With a soundproofing partition, you can set up a makeshift “wall” to contain sound when you need to. That way, the people doing more quiet work at their desks can avoid the noise made by workers engaging in video calls, phone calls or face-to-face meetings.

6. Add Hanging Baffles to Your Office Space

Ringing phones, keyboard clacking, casual conversations — these and other office noises may make little noise on their own, but together, they add up to quite the ruckus. This is especially true in offices with high ceilings where the sound can reverberate. Install sound-absorbing hanging baffles to stop these rogue soundwaves in their tracks and cut down on the noise that can build up in your office.

7. Fill up the Space

Use the space in your cubicle to your advantage to absorb some unwanted noise. Lay down a rug, get a few plants or get yourself a cushy new office chair. Filling your cubicle with soft items will help reduce the sound reflectivity of surfaces.

Reduce noise in cubicles by increasing the distance between occupied cubicles

8. Increase the Distance Between Occupied Cubicles

One smart way to keep the volume down in cubicles is to space them out. This spacing will allow people to do their work without thinking about the person in the cubicle only a few feet away from them. If your office has a hybrid model of working from home and going to the office, have every other employee come into the office to naturally put space between occupied cubicles.

9. Create a Call Room

Another way to limit noise in your office is to dedicate a specific room for calls. Anyone who has a video or phone call can use that room so the employees doing quiet work can do so in peace. This space also provides an element of privacy for the person doing the call, as it can sometimes feel slightly awkward to know everyone around you can hear every word you say on your call.

noise cancelling headphones

10. Use Noise-Canceling Headphones

Sometimes, office workers can take soundproofing into their own hands — or, ears. Noise-canceling headphones are a great way to reduce the sound one hears throughout the workday. Plus, they allow people to listen to their favorite music without disrupting the concentration and peace of the people around them. Consider noise-canceling headphones to block out sound while being mindful of your neighbor’s experience.

Learn More Tips to Soundproof Cubicles From Soundproof Cow

You probably never imagined you could soundproof a cubicle before, right? But you can. That’s the magic of Soundproof Cow. Our goal is to bring great noise control and clear, crisp sound to every possible situation, from an auditorium to a cubicle, and we’re doing it day after day. To learn more about our acoustic panels or other soundproofing products, drop us a line today!


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