What Are Soundproof Pods?

What Are Soundproof Pods
September 17, 2021

Do you ever need to get away from the noise that surrounds you throughout the day? Finding a place to immerse yourself in silence is tough while at the office, but there is a solution — soundproof pods.

With soundproof pods placed throughout an office or building, people can get away from all the noise for a bit. These pods also are beneficial for people who sleep or work better when it’s quiet. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what soundproof pods are, how they work and why you may want to invest in one.

What Are Soundproof Pods Used for?

Soundproof pods are enclosures created as spaces for people to use when they need little to no noise around them. They are widely known to help provide a quiet work or sleep space. Pods can come in different sizes and are customized for your needs. If your office needs a place to hold small meetings with no distractions, an acoustic office pod can provide the ideal environment. Little sound will come in to disrupt the meeting, and no sound will leave, so your meeting can run smoothly. Soundproof work pods typically have a table and chairs or booths, so you can comfortably work inside.

There are also soundproof pods designed for sleeping. Many people find it’s easier to get a good night’s sleep inside a pod that blocks out noise. You can lay in full-body pods, with some including extra perks like a heated mattress or temperature control. Other soundproof sleeping pods may not be completely closed off. Some workplaces have installed chairs designed for napping, for example. These chairs have a partial covering that hangs above the user’s head to block sound from the surroundings.

How Do Soundproof Pods Work?

Soundproof pods use special materials such as acoustic panels and foam to prevent noise from entering and leaving the pod. Soundproof pods work because these materials absorb sound waves instead of letting them bouncing off hard surfaces.

You can make a pod almost any shape or size you want, although they tend to be small enough to fit conveniently inside larger rooms. The walls of a soundproof work or sleeping pod can be lined with acoustic paneling or foam to limit noise entry from the area. You can also use door seals and sweeps to prevent sound from entering through the doorway.

Purchase Soundproofing Materials for a Quiet Space

Have you Herd? Soundproof Cow has all the materials you need to make your ultimate quiet space at home or the office. We can help you decide which products will work best for the pod you’re creating, whether you plan to use it for work, sleep or both. Call us at 866-949-9269 to talk to one of our representatives or contact us by filling out our online questionnaire today.