How to Absorb Sound in an Open Ceiling

How to Absorb Sound in an Open Ceiling
September 13, 2021

Open ceilings make a room feel large and elegant. While high ceilings look amazing in restaurants, offices, music venues, churches and other locations, echoes can quickly become a problem. The correct open ceiling noise control options make a world of difference if you’re using a larger space for gatherings and events.

Learn more about reducing the echoes in a room with high ceilings.

The Impact of High Ceilings on Room Acoustics

When you make a sound, reverberations travel in all directions. In a room with high ceilings, you’ll notice how the voices, impacts, footsteps and other noises spiral out of control. Sounds bounce off hard surfaces such as walls and ceilings, causing this dissonance in large spaces.

Open ceiling noise control involves interrupting the transfer of noise from one flat surface to another. If you clap your hands in a room with tall ceilings, you can hear how fast reverberations fill the space. The echoes slap back instantly, which can make it difficult to hear guest speakers or even musical instruments close to you.

Soundproof Surfaces Inside Your Room

Soundproofing or limiting echoes in rooms with high ceilings requires you to note the surfaces you’re dealing with. Most residential and commercial structures are filled with drywall, which is an unforgiving material. You can perform the following treatments on various surfaces to improve room acoustics.

1. Use Acoustic Panels on Walls

Sound-absorbing acoustic panels create a bumper between open spaces and a room’s reflective surfaces. You can fasten decorative panels on drywall to disrupt the movement of reverberations. These acoustic panels stop the transfer of sound from one surface to another. Solutions from Soundproof Cow will absorb exterior sounds trying to enter from the opposite sides of your walls, too.

Choose acoustic panel solutions showcasing fabric, foam or perforated wood materials to quiet your environment. You can customize the color, dimensions and thickness of Soundproof Cow’s acoustic panels to best match your space.

2. Attach Hanging Baffles From Ceilings

If your building has limited wall space, noise-absorbing hanging baffles fasten to the ceiling to reduce echo. The installations consist of soft acoustic fabrics or plush foams to stop reverberations in their tracks. Property owners can position hanging baffles in minutes using a series of chains and hooks. No professional construction experience is necessary.

Soundproof Cow’s Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Baffle 200 series products fit in any environment. You can install hanging baffles in a variety of colors. Our experts offer these 2-inch thick solutions in dimensions as large as 3 feet by 6 feet for your applications.

Purchase Soundproof Cow’s Open Ceiling Noise Control Solutions

The experts at Soundproof Cow design industry-leading acoustic products for all industries. We use the highest-quality materials to come up with solutions for real-world settings. Customer service is at the core of everything we do, so we won’t rest until you’re totally satisfied with your order. Order from us today to reduce echoing in rooms with high ceilings.

Want more information about our products? Contact us online or call us at 866-949-9269 to speak to a representative today.


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