Art Acoustic Panels

Art Acoustic Panels

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Before ordering sound muffling wall art, the way to start is requesting a quote. Fill out the form and include the panel dimensions. You don’t have to have the image ready for purposes of the quote. Someone from our team will contact you, usually in only about an hour. If you can’t wait to start designing your sound absorbing wall art, you can always call us directly for your quote at 1-866-949-9269.

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Dimensions Custom (up to 10 ft. x 4 ft.)
Core Glass mineral wool
Frame Brushed aluminum
Skin Recycled Polyester
Fire Rating Class A™
Availability Usually ships in 1-3 weeks
  • Industry leading true to color printing
  • Dyes are UV protected
  • Cleanable

How to Upload Your Image

Ok. So now you are ready to upload your image. We need to create an account for you and walk you through the easy 3-step process! Contact us at 1-866-949-9269.

Image Sources


Need help selecting an image? Contact our design team. We are willing and able! 1-866-949-9269.


NeoCon logoADAPT™ was bestowed with the coveted Gold Award at NeoCon 2011!


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   ADAPT™ was featured on DIY Network’s television show “I Want That.”


The soundproofing art that ADAPT™ Acoustical Treatments present is truly one-of-a-kind, because you design it. You get ultimate flexibility when we print your artwork firmly and indelibly on skins you can use interchangeably on your panels in your frame. Adapt™ Acoustical treatments are practical, highly functional and look great. They would be desirable as artwork or as great soundproofing products even if they weren’t both. But they are both, and you can benefit from that combination just a few weeks after requesting your quote.

Features / Benefits

There is no shortage of great benefits to having Soundproof Cow sound absorbing wall art in your home, office or studio. Advantages include:

Versatile, Washable Skins — Each acoustic panel comes fabric-wrapped in a skin of your design. You can exchange skins to suit the décor you are in the mood for, and you can wash this lightweight, wrinkle-free fabric when it gets dirty. None of this will affect its look or its soundproofing power. Rich, UV-Resistant Color — Our ADAPT™ images come alive with bright colors, realistic shadows and generally intense images that come from our advanced dye-fusion technology, which allows the colors to shine through without affecting the soundproofing quality. It also protects the image from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Beautiful, Lightweight Frame — Made from brushed aluminum and warp-resistant, its color can adjust to match your image. Variety of Mounting Options — Mount your panels on the wall, go with hanging baffle or hanging cloud, or leave them as freestanding partitions. These acoustic panels can handle whatever your personal preference is.

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Acoustic Data

Core Thickness 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1000Hz 2000Hz 4000Hz NRC
Glass Mineral Wool 1 inch 05 .26 .77 1.04 1.04 1.03 .80
Glass Mineral Wool 2 inches .32 .81 1.08 1.06 1.03 1.04 1.00
Cotton 1 inch .13 .22 .62 .85 0.9 .96 .65
Cotton 2 inches .25 .69 1.11 1.12 1.03 1.07 1.00
Foam 1 inch .18 .23 .50 .82 0.96 .99 .65
Foam 2 inches .31 .60 .75 .90 1 1.00 .80

* NRC = noise reduction coefficient

Image Requirements

  • Image file types: .pdf, .eps, .jpeg, .tif, .psd, .ai
  • Logo file types: .ai, .eps
  • Resolution: 300dpi
  • Digital images should be print ready
  • Files may be sent via hard copy (CD/DVD) or uploaded instantly
  • Minor alterations (ie. cropping, size adjustments) are included and performed in-house with no additional fees
  • Major alterations (ie. color adjustments, graphic enhancements) performed at an additional cost and determined on  a per job basis
  • Free, no-obligation quotes provided

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Ratings: 4.8 (34 reviews)

The times I talked with you on the telephone and corresponded through email you have been very helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend to anyone!

– S. Cimino, PA

I have emailed a lot of different manufactures and I have to say your customer service is head and shoulders above all of them. I emailed your company at about 9pm my time and when I woke up the next morning you had already answered my question and then the follow up was a few hours later. I am impressed. Thanks a lot for the quick turn around!

– E. Gustafson, NV

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your rapid response and helpfulness. I very much appreciated it. You have been responsive in every way all through the process. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company.

– T. Alexander, CA

I just wanted to let you know that in the end, sealing the air spaces on this door worked just fine and took care of the problem.

I really appreciate you taking so much time to share your expertise with me, and in particular recommending I try the simpler solution before investing in more expensive noise barriers. That is a big credit to you and your business.

– Mike

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If you need a quote quickly and would rather talk to a warm body, then dial 1-866-949-9269. No pushy sales guys…promise.

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