Soundproofing Materials

Soundproof Cow has soundproofing materials that provide the perfect noise reduction solution for any space or piece of equipment. We offer a variety of sound proof solutions and sound isolation systems from top brands like Quiet Batt™, in addition to soundproof barriers and sound dampening and deadening materials. With our soundproofing materials, you can easily stop noise transfer, add privacy to any room and keep noise contained. For example, if you want to soundproof a door or piece of equipment, we recommend purchasing door seals and sweeps, or vibration isolation mounts. It’s sound proofing materials like these that will keep you sound-free.

Learn More About Our Soundproofing Materials:

Take a look at a few of our favorite soundproofing materials:

  • Dampening & deadening materials
  • Door seals & sweeps
  • Flooring underlayments
  • Soundproofing installation products
  • Quiet™ Batt Soundproofing Insulation
  • Sound isolation systems
  • Soundproofing barriers
  • Vibration mounts and feet

Dampening & deadening materials are often used in situations where extreme temperatures or limited space is an issue. From the best soundproofing material for automobiles to paintable solutions our options are udderly amazing!

Put the finishing touches on any total-room soundproofing solution with a door seal or sweep to completely block the noise. Our Quiet Door™ line shrinks the amount of sound escaping from around and under a door to the absolute minimum. Airspace around a door is like leaving a window cracked, sound will flow right through.

Soundproof living and office spaces with floor underlayments designed for a range of flooring options. These sound reducing materials provide airborne sound protection and vibration control caused by “Impact”. Not sure which underlayment is needed for a location? Talk to a member of our sales team. Let us put our experience to work! We have options available for carpeting, tile flooring and locations that see more than their fair share of foot traffic.

Use our Quiet Batt™ insulation in the ceiling and walls to create a quiet, climate-controlled retreat in any space. We’re sure the safe, easier-to-use and effective sound-deadening material for walls is the last batt insulation you’ll ever choose.

Significantly reduce the noise level in any location with a sound isolation system. The best soundproofing material for chapels, funeral homes, bedrooms, classrooms and more, these kits provide you with many tools for isolating noise and vibration before it’s noticeable. We’ll cow-culate the best kit for your needs using our FREE acoustic analysis and will work directly with your contractor or architect to get the best option for your property.

Likewise, you may find a soundproofing barrier is essential to keeping the peace around your property. From blocking out airport noise to minimizing hum from your air conditioner, we have large and small noise reducing materials capable of handling all types and sizes of annoyance.

We have individual vibration-reducing mounts and appliance feet for purchase to manage particular problems in any location. The perfect professional or DIY sound proofing material, the mounts are easy to install and offer immediate relief. Silence a noisy washing machine or prevent rattling from the TV with a quick and simple installation any installer can manage.

Finally, we sell a full range of installation accessories — soundproofing primer, acoustical sealants, soundproofing tape and more — that help make the mooo-st of all your other investments in noise control. You’ll receive the maximum benefits from all of your efforts and help create spaces that are as quiet and relaxing as possible.

Purchasing Through Soundproof Cow

While our name is unique, that’s not the reason our products are often recommended by building pros. We carry some of the top-performing acoustical and noise reducing materials in the industry. Despite this, we keep our products reasonably priced. Keep an eye out for our ultra-low No Bull pricing as you browse our selection.

Customers also trust our business, as we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and we stand behind it whenever there’s a problem. Contact us immediately and we will work diligently to ensure all issues are corrected.

In an effort to avoid problematic situations with your noise reduction materials, we offer a FREE acoustic analysis to everyone.  This will help identify the best products for your project. Our selection is constantly changing, so get in touch to discover the latest solutions available.

Ready to get started on your new ultra-quiet home or office? Get in touch today online or call 1-866-949-9269.

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