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At Soundproof Cow, our experts can help you pick soundproof materials that suit your space and your desired type of noise transformation.

Generally, each type of soundproofing material reduces or absorbs sound differently. Noise reduction keeps sounds from entering your space, preventing you from hearing weather, traffic, construction, lawn mowing or barking dogs. Sound absorption offers control to keep the sound already in a room from echoing or reverberating.

Our Types of Soundproofing Materials

You can choose from our soundproofing materials to create a more quiet, sound-controlled space. For example, if you want to soundproof a door, we recommend using door sweeps and seals or vibration isolation mounts. Whereas, if you want to soundproof a wall, Quiet Batt insulation is an excellent soundproofing material for walls.

The added privacy with our soundproofing equipment can allow you to focus on boosting your productivity at work, get a peaceful night of sleep at home or jam out to your favorite playlist in the car without your neighbors hearing every syllable. Explore our high-quality soundproofing products, such as sound-dampening and deadening materialssoundproof barriers and sound isolation systems from top brands like Quiet Batt™.

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