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The 6 Loudest Dog Breeds

The 6 Loudest Dog Breeds
March 22, 2021

You can probably think of a few hounds you’ve met that are in the running for the world’s loudest dog, but does this depend on their breed? Some breeds actually have a louder bark in terms of decibels, and some are simply more talkative — which makes them seem loud. Let’s find out if your dog is on this list:

1. Golden Retrievers

A golden retriever named Charlie has held the world record for loudest bark since 2012! These dogs are known to be loyal and devoted companions, and they often use their booming bark when hunting or protecting their family.

2. German Shepherds

German shepherds are great guard dogs and often serve with the police or military. They are always sure to alert you to suspicious movements or intruders with their powerful bark.

3. Siberian Huskies

While this breed may not bark a lot, they sure do love to howl. Huskies can be one of the most talkative breeds, and some sounds can often mimic human words. Search for “talking husky” on the internet and be prepared to laugh.

4. Rottweilers and Doberman Pinschers

These large and square-built dogs both have very loud barks. Their deep and booming voices can quickly alert surrounding people, making them great guard dogs.

5. Terriers

While “terriers” is a dog group rather than a breed, you often see that these dogs are quite talkative — even if their small bodies mean they aren’t as loud. Scottish terriers, Yorkshire terriers and Jack Russell terriers are notably some of the most boisterous breeds.

6. Basset Hounds and Beagles

These dogs are known for their howling. Beagles have almost a musical quality to their howl and will often vocalize along with sirens or other loud noises. Basset hounds may howl if they are left alone too long, and sometimes this sound can be heard from great distances.

Keep in mind this isn’t a complete list. Many dogs can have a very loud bark or an excessive barking problem. Dogs like dachshunds, chihuahuas, schnauzers, malamutes, labradors and coonhounds are also worth noting as generally louder breeds.

How to Control Your Dog’s Barking

Sometimes your dog’s barking can get out of control and begin causing problems for your family or neighbors. Excessively loud barking can even damage your and your dog’s hearing. Dogs bark for many reasons, and you can try various methods to train your dog to be quiet when you need them to be. This approach can take a bit of time and may not be the best solution for you. Another option is to utilize soundproofing solutions to reduce the noise.

Discover Our Soundproof Solutions

Soundproof Cow provides a solutions-based approach to reducing sound. We carry many high-quality materials and kits you can use to reduce the noise, whether you have one loud dog or a whole kennel full of them. You can choose from various noise-reducing options depending on your situation. Read our Dog Soundproofing Guide and reach out to us for your soundproofing needs. We even offer a free acoustic analysis!