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Soundproof Door Sweeps and Seals

Do you find it hard to concentrate in your office with coworkers chatting outside your door? Or do you wish you could play the piano when inspiration strikes at 3 a.m. but are worried you’ll wake the neighbors? If you have not soundproofed your door yet, put it at the top of your soundproofing to-do list to find the best door sound blocker for your space. Not sure where to get started? Regardless of whether your door is new, old, wood, metal, interior, exterior, standard size or awkwardly big, Quiet Door™ sweeps and seals can help! We offer door soundproof kits for commercial, industrial and residential doors.

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Do Door Sweeps Block Noise?

Yes, door sweeps block noise. Just like any liquid or gas, sound will find any opening to move to an empty space. Doors leave openings at the bottom where sound can escape to the room on the other side. Solutions like door sweeps block noise by physically filling the gap beneath the door.

Sound is capable of moving through any medium — even a solid one. However, increasing that material’s density makes it more difficult for the sound wave to move through it. Door sweeps are made of dense rubber, so installing an under-the-door noise stopper will make a noticeable difference in sound transmission.

What Can I Put Under a Door to Reduce Noise?

Homeowners can try various solutions to prevent noise from escaping under their doors. Rolling up a towel and jamming it into the crack beneath the door is a common DIY method. While this under-door noise blocker may have some effect, it’s far from ideal. A rolled-up towel is better at absorbing sound than blocking it, so noise will still escape. Plus, you’ll need to move and replace the towel each time you open the door.

Instead of DIY methods, use a dependable product like a rubber soundproofing door sweep. Door sweeps attach to the inside of the door, closing the gap between the door and the floor. As a dense but flexible material, the door sweep will stop sound transfer but move with the door as it opens and closes. A door sweep is the most convenient and effective thing to put under your door for noise reduction.

Does the Door Sweep Go on the Inside or the Outside of the Door?

The door sweep goes on the inside of an in-swinging door and the outside of an out-swinging door. The door sweep should not cross the threshold when opening or closing the door.



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