Benefits of Door Sweeps for Uneven Floors

Benefits of Door Sweeps for Uneven Floors
June 15, 2023

If you hear a lot of noise coming from the outside hallway under your door, or you know that sound from inside your apartment is escaping through the door, you probably need a new door sweep. The weatherstripping or existing door sweep isn’t getting the job done, and the gap between the bottom of your door and the floor is so wide that air, and therefore sound, can easily travel back and forth underneath it.

The obvious solution to this problem is a quality door sweep, such as the kind we offer at Soundproof Cow. But if you’ve tried a door sweep, you may have encountered a different problem. Older apartments may have wood floors that are not quite even, so there is an uneven gap under the door. Can a door sweep work for an uneven door? The answer is yes.

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How Can Door Sweeps Help With Uneven Floors?

You may find that with an uneven floor, your door sweep only blocks some of the air from getting through while leaving an unacceptable gap where it does not meet the floor. A sweep that leaves an uneven gap under the door is a little better than no sweep at all. If you install your sweep lower, so that it covers that gap, the door may not be able to open or close. However, your door sweep can still solve your sound transmission problem if you just make a few adjustments.


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How to Seal a Door With an Uneven Floor

You can effectively use a door bottom sweep with an uneven floor. The idea is that instead of trying to install the sweep evenly across your door, you install it at an angle. Following these steps will do the trick:

  1. Measure the inside dimension of the door frame.
  2. Cut the sweep to fit the opening of the door using a hacksaw and smooth out the rough cut of the sweep with a rasp or file.
  3. Measure the bottom center starting from the floor up to the door and mark the measurement with a pencil. Take another measurement from the floor on the left side of the door and do the same on the right. At this point, you will have three marks.
  4. Draw a line between those three marks on both sides of the door and align the top of the sweep with that line.
  5. Position the sweep so that it goes evenly across those three marks rather than straight across the door to account for the uneven floor.
  6. Screw the sweep at this angle and you should get a sweep that covers the gaps without blocking the door.

Why Are Automatic Door Sweeps the Best for Uneven Floors?

An automatic door sweep is a mechanically operated product that you install at the bottom of a door. It features an adjustable seal that automatically lifts when the door is open and drops down when the door is closed. The advanced sealing abilities of an automatic door sweep enable it to adjust to the condition of the flooring. The door seal will maintain tight contact with the surface, making it the perfect door sweep for an uneven floor.

By sealing the uneven gap between the door and the frame, this type of sweep prevents drafts, smoke, light, noise and anything else that can fit in the space from entering the room. Consider installing our Quiet Door™ Automatic Door Sweep, which is made with high-quality aluminum and long-lasting silicone seals, for a form-fitting tight material against the threshold of your door.

Purchase Door Sweeps From Soundproof Cow

Now that you know how to use door sweeps to quiet your unwanted door noise, even with an uneven floor, there’s no time like the present to get started! Soundproof Cow has all the products you need to seal and soundproof your door, including perimeter door seals, automatic door sweeps and full door soundproofing kits. Order yours today!

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