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Premium Soundproof Insulation

Do yourself a favor and insulate your walls with Quiet Batt® to make your restaurant, recording studio, nursery or office cozy-warm and quiet with a single product.

Made of densely packed non-irritating cotton fibers, our internal/external sound-dampening insulation materials fit snugly between wood and metal studs and require no special tools for installation — only a utility knife, a tape measure and a vapor barrier if you are installing the material on external walls. A tight friction fit drastically decreases sound transfer and makes this a great stand-alone sound absorption product.

Insulation Supports for Quiet Batt® Insulation

Soundproof Cow Quiet Batt® Insulation Supports are the perfect complement to your Quiet Batt® Soundproofing Insulation. Available in 16-inch and 24-inch sizes, Quiet Batt® Insulation Supports provide a fast and easy way to secure your Quiet Batt® Soundproofing Insulation sheets between stud wall assemblies and floor joists.

These steel supports install securely and easily with a friction fit with no tools required. If you’re struggling with securing your Quiet Batt® Soundproofing Insulation, or you don’t have a plan yet for your soundproofing installation, these quality, durable supports are your answer. They are affordably priced in cases of 100. Order supports for your Quiet Batt® Soundproofing Insulation today!

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What Is the Best Soundproofing Insulation?

Cotton insulation is the most effective for soundproofing. Soundproofing insulation should absorb and dissipate sound energy, making cotton’s softness ideal for limiting unwanted noise.

As a fibrous, porous material, cotton can absorb a significant amount of sound energy. When a sound wave reaches the cotton insulation, it bounces between the various fibers and pores, causing friction. As a result, the sound wave loses energy, much of which converts into heat. The heat dissipates inside the insulation, leaving little sound energy to reflect.

Our noise insulation features recycled cotton fibers for premier sound absorption. This material holds a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) rating of .95, meaning it absorbs 95% of the sound energy that reaches it. With added benefits like a Class A flammability rating, simple installation and skin-safe handling, our insulation is the best choice for your home.

How Thick Should Soundproof Insulation Be?

Thickness is an important quality for sound-deadening insulation. Thick material provides more space for sound energy, resulting in greater absorption.

Balancing thickness with density is essential for optimal performance. If the density is too high, the insulation will not welcome enough of the sound wave’s energy. Instead, it will reflect frequencies toward the source. However, density is essential for blocking sound and preventing transmission. The right balance of thickness and density allows soundproofing insulation to reduce echoing effectively.

How Effective Is Sound-Dampening Insulation at Reducing Noise?

Soundproofing insulation specializes in echo reduction to deaden sound.

When sound reaches an insulated wall, the energy that passes through the surface to the insulation converts into heat. The heat then dissipates across the insulation.

Our soundproofing insulation has a .95 NRC rating, meaning it stops 95% of the sound energy it interacts with from echoing. It also reduces sound transmission so that less noise travels between rooms.

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Benefits of Quiet Batt Soundproofing Insulation

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