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How Do Construction Materials Affect Sound Absorption Materials?

How Do Construction Materials Affect Sound Absorption Materials?

Several factors can impact the sound absorption of different materials. Soundproof Cow can help you learn more about how construction materials affect sound absorption materials.

When Do You Utilize Sound Absorption Materials?

If you are having issues with sounds generated in your space, sound absorption materials are usually an effective solution. These materials are designed to reduce echoing and reverberation in rooms, which helps create a quieter space.

How Do I Know How Much Material I Need?

The majority of building materials will have a sound absorption rating like the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC). Depending on the construction of your space and the type of sound you are dealing with, you can determine the amount of material you need through architectural calculations.

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What Type of Space Are You Dealing With?

The recommended reverberation time — the amount of time sound bounces around before it dissipates — can vary based on the type of environment you are in. The sound will decay rapidly in a “dead” space, while the sound will persist in a “live” space. Different spaces will have different reverberation times to make them more comfortable.

What Type of Material Should I Use?

There is a wide variety of sound absorption materials, ranging from hanging baffles to acoustic cotton. When you select materials, keep in mind commercial fire codes. Also, consider the NRC, which determines how much sound is absorbed across various frequencies. The thickness and type of materials you choose will affect the NRC rating.

Are Interior Design and Aesthetics Important to Your Project?

If interior design and aesthetics are important to your project, there are various customizable options that can fit virtually all your design needs. For example, you can tailor acoustic partitions to your space with your choice of fabric color and texture. You can even customize these products with images or artwork for a unique look.

What Space Do You Have to Install the Materials?

Typically, it’s recommended to evenly distribute sound absorption materials at or above the source of the sound. Hanging options like baffles, cloud-mounted panels and offset wall-mounted panels can increase the sound absorption performance. These products are designed to leave more absorption material exposed to capture sound.

What Surfaces Are You Mounting the Material On?

The surface on which you will be mounting the material will impact the installation process. Different installation options are available for drywall, concrete, brick and tile.

Discover Quality, Dependable Sound Absorption Materials at Soundproof Cow

Whether you need help understanding the sound absorption coefficient of materials or selecting the sound absorption materials for your project, Soundproof Cow has you covered. We specialize in superior products and use a solutions-based approach to ensure our clients have access to the right sound absorption materials.

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