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Soundproofing a Ceiling—New Ceilings vs. Existing Ceilings

November 17, 2017

Your soundproofing isn’t complete until you’ve soundproofed your ceiling. If there’s anything on the floor above you, sound can easily travel down into your apartment, hotel room or home without adequate soundproofing. But how do you soundproof a ceiling? Your approach will vary depending upon whether you’re putting in a new ceiling or you have an existing ceiling. If it’s the latter, you’re probably interested in soundproofing a ceiling without removing drywall or ripping up your existing ceiling.

If you’re building a new ceiling, this is the perfect time to add soundproofing. Whether you’re building a hotel, apartment or multi-story home, guests and residents will appreciate not having to deal with excessive noise from above. If you have an existing ceiling, you may not want to go through the expense of tearing it out and starting over just to add soundproofing.

Fortunately, you don’t have to. In fact, keeping the existing ceiling and adding more soundproofing may provide even better soundproofing than ripping out the drywall and starting over. Here’s what you need to know to carry out either procedure.

How Do You Soundproof a New Ceiling?

So how do you soundproof a brand-new ceiling? To soundproof a new ceiling, you’ll need to use hat channels, which provide the frame you attach the drywall to. Attach the hat channels across the joists about 16 inches apart. Now, slip in your soundproofing material above the joists. You may wish to add additional joists for support. Once they’re in, add two layers of drywall. If you’re soundproofing a new ceiling, you can find everything you need for the process by ordering Soundproof Cow New Ceiling Soundproofing Assemblies here.

How Do You Soundproof an Existing Ceiling Without Removing Drywall?

If you’re willing to tear up your existing ceiling, you can follow the same procedure as for a new ceiling soundproofing installation. If you already have a ceiling you don’t want to remove, you’ll have to build a second ceiling. Attach the hat channels to the existing ceiling, then proceed with the procedure as outlined above. The effect will be the same, but you’ll have a slightly lower ceiling. You can find all the materials you need to soundproof an existing ceiling by ordering Soundproof Cow Existing Ceiling Soundproofing Assemblies here.

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Soundproof Cow has all the materials you need, whether you’re soundproofing a new ceiling or trying to soundproof an existing ceiling without removing drywall. For more information and to order the products you need, including full ceiling soundproofing assemblies, visit Soundproof Cow now.