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Principles of Soundproofing

March 06, 2020
Principles of Soundproofing

When you think of soundproofing, you likely tend to imagine elaborate, fully-furnished basements or garages loaded with electric guitars and a drum set or expensive, high-tech recording studios. But soundproofing can be helpful in many more common scenarios and in your everyday life. Maybe you live in a building with noisy neighbors. Maybe you can’t […]

How to Build a Home Theater

May 03, 2018
how to build a home theater

Home theaters are becoming more and more popular these days. With the advent of streaming services and movie quality television, there’s more great content you can enjoy in your own home, so why not make it a theater-quality experience? If your answer is that you don’t know the first thing about designing a home theater […]

How Soundproof Are Concrete Walls?

April 06, 2018
How Soundproof Are Concrete Walls

Chances are, you once lived or currently find yourself residing in a home with concrete walls. That’s because concrete is one of the most common building structures used throughout the country for both homes and businesses. Not quite sure if your walls are concrete or plaster? A quick knock should do the trick! When you […]

Why Does Foam Absorb Sound?

March 16, 2018
Why Does Foam Absorb Sound

Whenever you’re at a loud concert or want to get a peaceful night of sleep on an airplane, you may find yourself popping a few pieces of foam ear plugs into your ears. When you plug these tiny pieces of foam into your ears, you quickly notice that your ability to hear exterior noise diminishes. […]

Top 10 Loudest Cities in the World to Live

February 21, 2018
loudest cities in the world

What are the loudest cities in the world? If you live in a big city, you probably think yours should make the list of the world’s loudest cities. Anyone who lives in a city knows they can be loud places to live — between the traffic, construction and people bustling about, noise pollution is almost […]