Why Does Foam Absorb Sound?

Why Does Foam Absorb Sound

Whenever you’re at a loud concert or want to get a peaceful night of sleep on an airplane, you may find yourself popping a few pieces of foam ear plugs into your ears. When you plug these tiny pieces of foam into your ears, you quickly notice that your ability to hear exterior noise diminishes. Why is that, exactly? It’s because foam works wonders at absorbing unwanted sounds. Much like . . .


The Relationship Between Music and Memory

how does music help memory

How does music affect memory? We’ve probably all experienced the phenomenon where an old song reminds us of a time in our lives or even evokes a specific memory. Most people may not give this a second thought. It may seem as sensible as having an old toy from your childhood evoke a memory. However, studies have shown that music-related memory is a far stronger effect, and that there’s a . . .


Soundproofing Solutions for Those With Misophonia

soundproofing for misophonia

We all have sounds we find extremely irritating, like nails on a chalkboard or extremely loud chewing. But for sufferers of Misophonia, the problem is much worse. In these individuals, ordinary sounds that other people might find only mildly irritating or not notice at all — like chewing, pen clicking, slurping and the like — can produce massively negative reactions. How Does Misophonia Affect People? In most misophonia suffers, the . . .


The Colors of Noise

the colors of noise

When we think of noise, we usually think of the sounds noises make — honking, shrieking, purring, melodious, rhythmic, etc. You probably rarely find yourself talking about the colors of noise. After all, you can’t see sound, so how can it have colors? The idea of the colors of noise uses the idea of color to describe certain frequencies of noise, starting with white noise, which most people understand is . . .


Common Soundproofing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

common soundproofing mistakes

Noise pollution is a serious problem. If you’re experiencing regular noise pollution in your home, whether it’s from noisy neighbors, street traffic, the local bar or other unwanted sounds, you may have difficulty working, sleeping, concentrating and generally enjoying your surroundings. Unwanted noise can lead to higher stress and poor focus. Naturally, there are soundproofing solutions you can use to help resolve this problem. If you do decide to take . . .

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