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The Colors of Noise

January 05, 2018
the colors of noise

When we think of noise, we usually think of the sounds noises make — honking, shrieking, purring, melodious, rhythmic, etc. You probably rarely find yourself talking about the colors of noise. After all, you can’t see sound, so how can it have colors? The idea of the colors of noise uses the idea of color […]

Common Soundproofing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

December 15, 2017
common soundproofing mistakes

Noise pollution is a serious problem. If you’re experiencing regular noise pollution in your home, whether it’s from noisy neighbors, street traffic, the local bar or other unwanted sounds, you may have difficulty working, sleeping, concentrating and generally enjoying your surroundings. Unwanted noise can lead to higher stress and poor focus. Naturally, there are soundproofing […]

Eco-Friendly Soundproofing

December 01, 2017
green soundproofing

More and more, builders are constructing homes with attention to green building practices. Savvy buyers know both construction of new homes and living in a home can create a huge carbon footprint, and people are looking for green-built homes to reduce that footprint. LEED Certification and a reputation for eco-friendly building practices is the goal. […]

Soundproofing a Ceiling — New Ceilings vs. Existing Ceilings

November 17, 2017
how do you soundproof an existing ceiling

Table of Contents: Types of Ceiling Noise Soundproof New Ceiling Soundproof Existing Ceiling Your soundproofing isn’t complete until you’ve soundproofed your ceiling. If there’s anything on the floor above you, sound can easily travel down into your apartment, condominium or home without adequate soundproofing. But how do you soundproof a ceiling? Your approach will vary depending […]

The Difference Between High, Middle and Low-Frequency Noise

October 06, 2017
difference between high and low frequency sounds

You’re probably aware that different sounds have different frequencies, but what’s the difference between high and low-frequency sounds? And what about middle-frequency sounds? If you’ve been wondering about the differences between sounds of varying frequencies and how they affect you, read on. Get a Free Acoustic Analysis What Is Low-Frequency and High-Frequency When It Comes […]