How to Soundproof a Wall Behind a TV

How to Soundproof a Wall Behind a TV
March 18, 2022

Living in an apartment complex or with roommates comes with various challenges, especially when shared walls are involved. Sound is bound to permeate from the next room over and vice versa. TVs near walls are prominent culprits.

If your neighbor has a TV near or mounted on your shared wall, you may be hearing late-night reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond or George Lopez while you’re trying to enjoy a peaceful evening. Likewise, you may end up treating your neighbor to a second-hand sonic experience from the battle of Helm’s Deep. Fortunately, a few soundproofing solutions can go a long way toward keeping the peace between apartment units.

How to Muffle TV Noise Without Damaging Your Wall

When sound bursts through walls, it’s passing through the surface too easily. The key is to add more mass for the sound to pass through while directing it elsewhere. These are soundproofing methods that can work with your room’s existing architecture.

Muffle tv noise

Mass-Loaded Vinyl and Acoustic Panels

If you have a wall-mounted TV, soundproofing requires some space-efficient materials. Mass-loaded vinyl and acoustic panels can fit behind a wall-mounted TV. They also help if your neighbor’s TV is causing you problems.

Both MLV and acoustic panels stick directly onto the wall. For best results, stick the materials to the wall using soundproofing adhesive.

Acoustic Partitions

If you’re looking for a less-permanent solution that you can move around the room or easily take with you when you move, an acoustic partition can do the trick. These portable barriers stand on the floor to block and absorb sound. Placing one behind your TV stand will muffle the audio before it can reach your neighbor’s unit.

Learn More About Television Noise Reduction With the Soundproof Cow

Hearing TV noise through a wall can cause frustration and tension between neighbors, so implementing a soundproofing solution is in everyone’s best interest. You can prevent sound from passing through walls by placing mass-loaded vinyl, acoustic panels or acoustic partitions between the wall and the noisy TV.

At Soundproof Cow, we have the expertise and materials to help you implement a soundproofing solution that makes a real difference. We encourage you to contact us online to discuss your soundproofing needs or request a free acoustic analysis today!