How to Stop Bed Squeaking by Soundproofing Your Bed

How to Stop Bed Squeaking by Soundproofing Your Bed
June 17, 2022

Does your bed squeak with every shift you make in the night? Let’s talk about how to stop your bed from squeaking.

Determine Why Your Bed Is Making Noise

Discovering the issue is your first step. The most likely culprit is the bed frame. To make sure, remove the mattress and box spring so you can jostle around different parts of the frame to see which causes the noise. Then, try the following solutions.

Tighten Joints

Loose joints allow the bed frame’s parts to wiggle and squeak. If you notice any loose screws or bolts, use a screwdriver or wrench to fasten them. While you’re at it, consider adding some washers to increase stability and reduce noise.

Lubricate Joints

On the other end of the spectrum, a bed frame squeaking can come from parts that are too tight and rub against each other. A lubricant like WD40 is your best bet, but alternatives like beeswax or candle wax will work in a pinch.

Cushion the Frame

Placing fabric between the frame and the box spring will prevent squeaking that results from the metal frame and wooden boards rubbing together. The soft barrier will absorb vibrations, too. You can cushion your frame with materials around the house like an old t-shirt, pair of socks or a blanket. You could also purchase a sheet of cork and cut it to your frame’s size.

Fix Uneven Footing

Uneven legs can cause your bed to wobble and thump against the floor. One solution would be placing something like a shirt, towel or folded newspaper underneath the short foot. However, the gap could be the result of uneven flooring rather than uneven legs, so you may want to consider moving your bed to another spot in the room.

Soundproof Your Bedroom

Sometimes, noise is inevitable. If you’re having trouble eliminating the squeak, try some soundproofing methods to reduce the effect the noise has on your space. These tactics can take the edge off the intrusion of unwanted noise.

Soundproof Your Bed with These Tips

Soundproof Your Bed with These Tips

Try out the tips above to squash that squeaking once and for all. While you’re at it, check out our tips for soundproofing your bedroom from our blog!