5 Soundproofing Myths

Soundproofing Myths
July 01, 2022

Soundproofing is a complex topic, and there are numerous myths and misconceptions floating around the web. We’ll go over some of the biggest myths about soundproofing so that you can approach your project with more factual information.

1. Soundproofing and Sound Absorption Are the Same

Understanding the difference between soundproofing and sound absorption is critical.

Soundproofing confines noise to a given space by adding mass that blocks it out. You’re soundproofing a room when preventing sound from escaping and blocking outside noise. Soundproofing does not address echoes and reverberations — that’s where absorption comes in. Absorptive materials convert sound energy into heat, then disperse the heat along the surface.

2. Acoustic Foam Is Great for Soundproofing

Acoustic foam is the epitome of sound absorption versus soundproofing. Any acoustic panel or foam sheet you see in a professional studio is there to absorb sound, not to soundproof the space. If you add acoustic panels, you’ll address echoes and reverberations, but sound can still make its way in and out of the room.

3. Soft Furnishings Are All You Need

Since acoustic panels are ineffective at soundproofing, some people use soft materials like a thick blanket, curtain or rug. In addition to looking unprofessional, padding your surfaces with soft furnishings isn’t a viable alternative. Blankets and the like aren’t very dense, so they don’t soundproof — or absorb sound — well.

4. A Thicker Wall Is Better

A thicker wall will be more difficult for noise to work through, but you’ll still have structural noise. Your best bet will be to build a separate wall next to your existing wall with a small gap — about one inch — between them. Then, fill the space with acoustic insulation to increase density, diffuse sound energy and absorb structural vibrations.

5. You’ll Be Fine on Your Own

You’ll have the most success working with a professional soundproofing company. Professionals can assess your space and develop a plan incorporating the best techniques and products. You’ll save time, money and effort by working with experts.

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