Temporary Barriers

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What Are Temporary Soundproofing Barriers?

Temporary barriers are simple acoustic quilts that you can hang up or lay down to give yourself strong acoustical sound control in a variety of situations. Soundproof Cow temporary soundproofing material consists of high-performance fiberglass acoustic soundproof blankets in a nonporous vinyl covering to absorb sound.

Who Can Use Temporary Soundproofing Barriers?

Temporary barriers are appropriate anywhere you need a flexible temporary soundproofing solution when it’s not feasible to lay down heavy soundproofing insulation — because it may need to be moved, because you do not own the property you are soundproofing or simply because it’s not cost-effective, among other reasons.

Some situations where temporary barriers like sound absorbing blankets can be a very effective sound control solution include:

  • Heavy equipment: Lay on the floor or cover the cab or engine.
  • Ships: Cover hatches or line hulls or engine compartments.
  • Industrial facilities: As an industrial sound curtain to absorb in generator sound or as an equipment shroud.
  • Music studio: As sound blocking curtains or hung as a temporary soundproof wall barrier.

How to Temporarily Soundproof a Wall With Sound Barriers

Whether you are trying to create a more peaceful space at home or must install some form of soundproofing due to local rules or regulations, Quiet Barrier™ offers the perfect solution. Due to these fiberglass-based acoustic quilts’ design, you’ll be able to easily create a soundproof temporary wall in all kinds of locations. As your needs and layout change, you can easily move these temporary barriers from one location or job site to the next.

No matter your goal for noise reduction, you’ll need to consider factors like the location and level of unwanted sound when determining which soundproof temporary wall would work best and where you’ll install it. With the correct soundproofing products set up properly, you can isolate loud noises and block them off, creating a quieter environment.

Quiet Barrier™ Quilts from Soundproof Cow feature heavy-duty grommets to make temporary installation quick and simple. Features like the dense barrier backing and sewn-on vinyl face provide additional sound absorption capabilities. It takes just two people to install the soundproofing quilts for ease of use and efficiency. For maximum soundproofing capabilities, ensure there are no gaps for the sound to escape through.

Depending on what you need to soundproof, you may be able to hang these temporary barriers directly on the wall. You can also either lay it on the floor or right over a noisy item to block the sound.

Regardless of how you use them or what kind of environment you install them in, you’ll find that these quilts are designed to last. Even with heavy usage, you’ll be able to take advantage of exceptional airborne noise absorption capabilities. You can move it as needed throughout your project. Then, once you’re done, take the Quiet Barrier™ Quilts down and save them for the next time you need to create a little more peace and quiet.

Temporary Soundproofing Barrier Options

A variety of temporary barrier options are available from Soundproof Cow to suit a variety of needs. Our Quiet Barrier™ Acoustic Quilts are available in 2’ x 4’, 4’ x 4’ and 4’ x 8’ sizes. You can also purchase your acoustic quilt with an additional barrier layer for high-quality soundproofing as well as sound absorption. Standard thickness is one inch, but you can also order two or four-inch thick acoustic quilts.

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Buy Your High-Quality Temporary Barriers From Soundproof Cow Today

Quiet Barrier™ Acoustic quilts are an affordable and flexible soundproofing solution that is easy to install, durable, has a Class A™ flammability rating and has excellent sound-absorption capabilities.

If you have sound issues in your industry, order your 2’ x 4’ Quiet Barrier™ Acoustic Quilt4’ x 4’ Quiet Barrier™ Acoustic Quilt or 4’ x 8’ Quiet Barrier™ Acoustic Quilt from Soundproof Cow today.

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