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Tell them you heard it from the herd. Read on for the coolest soundproofing Information in the world.

How to Soundproof a Hardwood Floor

March 01, 2019
How to Soundproof Hardwood Floors

Knowing how to soundproof a hardwood floor can be a valuable skill in a wide variety of situations. If you own an apartment building or manage a hotel with hardwood floors, every footstep, dropped item and dragged piece of furniture will travel to the room below, which can be annoying for tenants or guests. In addition, some building codes and […]

How to Soundproof Carpeted Floors

February 15, 2019
How to Soundproof Carpeted Floors

You have a home with a carpeted floor, and now you’re wondering about soundproofing — but do you really need soundproofing if you have a carpet? After all, isn’t one of the main functions of carpet to cushion impacts and reduce noise? Carpeting certainly does have these properties, but it may not be enough. Here are some […]

Blocking Traffic Noise From Busy Roads

February 01, 2019
Blocking Traffic Noise from Busy Roads

Busy street noise is one of the most obvious and most frustrating forms of noise pollution. From honking cars to construction, road noise can be absolutely maddening. If you live in an urban area, street noise can even interfere with your sleep and ability to concentrate. Ways to Reduce Road Noise Figuring out how to […]

How to Soundproof Vinyl Flooring

January 18, 2019
How to Soundproof Vinyl Floors

There are many reasons why you may want to know how to soundproof vinyl flooring. Perhaps you are being disturbed by sounds coming from the floor below, or you don’t want to disturb others below when walking across the floors. Maybe you do not want to put down carpeting, but you don’t like the sound […]

How to Soundproof a Cubicle

January 04, 2019
How to Soundproof a Cubicle

A cubicle layout appears to be a way to give all employees their own private office, but anyone who has worked in one knows that this is not at all how it works in practice. Cubicle walls are thin as well as open on the top and usually at least one side — this means […]