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Tell them you heard it from the herd. Read on for the coolest soundproofing Information in the world.

How Noise Affects Your Shopping Experience

July 05, 2019
How Noise Affects Your Shopping Experience

Why do music and shopping go together? If you’re a retailer who occasionally or frequently plays music in your store, you probably already have a good idea how noise affects your shopping experience. The research is clear: Music makes shoppers feel good. Even bad music, as long as it is at a pleasing volume and […]

Misophonia: When You Can’t Stand Every Day Noises

June 21, 2019

Does it fill you with rage when someone talks with their mouth full? Do you want to flee every time your housemate coughs? If certain noises drive you crazy while no one else seems to notice, that doesn’t mean you’re a lousy friend, spouse, coworker or family member. However, it might mean you have misophonia. […]

How Sound Impacts Your Sleep Cycle

June 21, 2019
how sound impacts your sleep cycle

Are you getting enough healthy sleep? Is loud noise during sleep getting in the way? Proper rest is an essential part of good health, and it is imperative that you understand the relationship between sleep and sound. Here are some facts that can help you understand how sound impacts your sleep cycle and ideas on […]

The Health Benefits of a Quiet Home

June 07, 2019
Health Benefits of a Quiet Home

If you’ve ever been sitting in your home trying to block out the sounds of screaming kids, barking dogs, ringing phones or or construction outside, you probably took some time to think about the health benefits of silence. We all want peace and quiet, but are there really health benefits to a quiet home? Indeed, […]

How to Soundproof a Rental Property

May 17, 2019
How to soundproof a rental property

You’ve found the perfect apartment, and you love it. The only problem is the constant noise pollution you have to deal with. Whether it’s the bar next door keeping you up with loud music until 3 a.m., the couple upstairs constantly fighting or construction waking you up too early in the morning, excess sound can […]