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Tell them you heard it from the herd. Read on for the coolest soundproofing Information in the world.

Purpose of Egg Carton Shape for Soundproofing

April 20, 2018
Purpose of Egg Carton Shape

You might have heard the old myth that egg cartons help reduce noise and provide an excellent substitute for the conventional soundproofing materials on the market. Even though the idea of filling your room with egg cartoons may seem silly, many soundproofing materials do in fact mimic the shape of these cartons to better improve […]

How Soundproof Are Concrete Walls?

April 06, 2018
How Soundproof Are Concrete Walls

Chances are, you once lived or currently find yourself residing in a home with concrete walls. That’s because concrete is one of the most common building structures used throughout the country for both homes and businesses. Not quite sure if your walls are concrete or plaster? A quick knock should do the trick! When you […]

What is Sonic Art?

April 05, 2018
Sound Art

What do the United States, France, Germany and China all have in common? They’re hosts to sound art shows. Sonic art, or the creation of visual art using sound waves and vibrations, is a growing area of interest for artists and viewers. If you’re asking, “What is sound art?” keep reading to learn more about […]

Why Does Foam Absorb Sound?

March 16, 2018
Why Does Foam Absorb Sound

Whenever you’re at a loud concert or want to get a peaceful night of sleep on an airplane, you may find yourself popping a few pieces of foam ear plugs into your ears. When you plug these tiny pieces of foam into your ears, you quickly notice that your ability to hear exterior noise diminishes. […]

Why Certain Sounds Lull You to Sleep

March 05, 2018
Sleep Sounds

You’re cozied up in bed, drifting off and it begins to rain. How do you react? If you’re like the rest of the herd, you probably shrug it off. But, if your phone goes off, your reaction is likely the exact opposite. These different responses are the basis of a study completed by a Pennsylvania […]