The Best-Sounding Music Halls in the World

December 28, 2020
Best Sounding Music Halls in the World

When you think of performances from world-renowned musicians, you may picture concert halls with extravagant architecture and a vast amphitheater concourse filled with listeners clinging to the edge of their seats with every note. In the theaters considered to be the best music halls in the world, there’s a certain connection forged between performers and audiences […]

Tips for Reducing the Noise of a Portable Air Compressor

December 24, 2020
tips for reducing the noise of a portable air compressor

While portable air compressors are handy tools for businesses and contractors working in manufacturing, construction or the automotive industry, they create a lot of noise. Prolonged exposure to high sound levels can cause long-term hearing damage. That said, there are a few techniques that can limit the amount of sound your portable air compressor produces. Here […]

How to Make Your PC Quieter

December 24, 2020
how to make your pc quieter

Whether you use your computer for work, gaming, music production or any other purpose, a quiet PC is key. PC noise can bleed into any recordings you make or otherwise distract you from the projects that require your full attention. A noisy PC may even signal that it’s time for repairs. Fortunately, there are a […]

Anti-Vibration Materials for Trucks

December 18, 2020
Anti-Vibration Materials for Trucks

Truck vibrations can be caused by various factors — ranging from the truck itself to outside elements like traveling over potholes or rough road conditions. While it can be hard to determine where it’s originating from, asking yourself questions — like whether the vibration only happens at certain speeds, whether it happens when the car is […]

How to Protect Hearing While Operating Trucks

December 11, 2020
How to Protect Hearing While Operating Trucks

One risk that truck drivers can face is hearing damage due to excessive noise. There are two main sources where excessive noise can originate from — the engine and the road. Typically, some engine noise is to be expected. But sometimes the truck’s engine can be excessively loud. When this happens, you won’t be able […]

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