The Best Microphones for Streaming and Podcasting

Best Microphones for Streaming and Podcasting
November 05, 2021

Many people have jumped onto the livestreaming and podcasting bandwagon for good reason. Building an online presence has never been so easy or convenient. All you need is a quiet, dedicated space and the right equipment.

The most important equipment you’ll need is your microphone. The microphone that came with your laptop or desktop won’t make the cut. Instead, you need a microphone that reduces static, sends your message clearly and makes you sound like a million bucks.

Which of all the advertised streaming and podcast microphones will fit your needs? Below are our top choices for the best microphones for podcasting success.

1. The G-Track Pro From Samson

Want to go pro from the get-go? Trust the Samson brand to bring you serious quality. This microphone will shower the airwaves with your voice. Its cool, sleek look will have you feeling like a winner from the first time you address your listeners.

The G-Track Pro isn’t all beauty — it has brains, too. You’ll enjoy lots of features, such as being able to adjust your headphone volume and enjoy zero-latency monitoring.

The biggest setback is the price point, which runs between $100 and $150. You’ll need to put on your gear-head face when setting it up. It’s still a good option if you’re interested in making a splash.

2. USB Microphone From Blue Yeti

With a price point under the $100 mark, this streaming microphone from Blue Yeti promises high-result sound and appealing crispness. Designed for gamers first, it’s still a great podcast microphone choice. When you want a sensitive mic that picks up your vocal nuances, the Blue Yeti delivers.

Have fun experimenting with the pickup on the Blue Yeti. You can set it to retrieve sound from a variety of directions, making it a fun option if you like to play around.

Some users find the overly sensitive mic to be too sensitive. If you have trouble controlling your consonants or tend to shout, you might want to opt for an alternative mic.

3. The AT2020 From Audio-Technica

This is one eye-catching microphone for streaming, but that’s not the reason it makes our “best microphone for podcasting” list. The AT2020 has been time-tested. Some of the most popular podcasters on the Internet trust Audio-Technica.

If you plan on doing a lot of livestreaming instead of turning to your microphone once in a while, you’ll appreciate the AT2020’s durability and ease of setup. Though this microphone is awesome, it’s also pricier than other models. At just below the $150 mark, it’s designed for serious streaming and not occasional dabbling.

Microphone? Solved! Now for Soundproofing!

No matter which streaming or podcasting microphone you choose, you’ll want to deck out your room in style. In addition to making it look camera-ready, you’ll want to be acoustically prepared as well.

At Soundproof Cow, we offer reasonably priced, high-quality soundproofing materials ideal for podcasters. Elevating your voice is easy and rewarding when you work with us. Browse our options to find out more!The best microphones for streaming and podcasting infographic

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