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Top 10 Noisiest Cities in the World to Live

February 21, 2018
loudest cities in the world

What are the loudest cities in the world? If you live in a big city, you probably think yours should make the list of the world’s loudest cities. Anyone who lives in a city knows they can be loud places to live — between the traffic, construction and people bustling about, noise pollution is almost […]

Soundproofing for Tinnitus

February 16, 2018
Soundproofing for Tinnitus

One in every ten people experiences some form of tinnitus during their lifetime. Whether this ringing is short-lived or lasts for months on end, tinnitus is a tedious effect millions of individuals suffer from. Luckily, you can reduce the severity of your tinnitus through soundproofing materials that help control the austerity of your sound reception. […]

The Relationship Between Music and Memory

February 02, 2018
how does music help memory

How does music affect memory? We’ve probably all experienced the phenomenon where an old song reminds us of a time in our lives or even evokes a specific memory. Most people may not give this a second thought. It may seem as sensible as having an old toy from your childhood evoke a memory. However, […]

On Trend: All You Need to Know About Sound Therapy

January 30, 2018
Sound Therapy

Sound — we’ve all used it as a form of therapy. Whether it’s to relax after a hectic workday, groove during your morning run or howl out after stubbing your toe, sound has always served as a form of expression. Now, it’s becoming a new phenomenon as people are using the vibration of their voices […]

Soundproofing Solutions for Those With Misophonia

January 19, 2018
soundproofing for misophonia

We all have sounds we find extremely irritating, like nails on a chalkboard or extremely loud chewing. But for sufferers of Misophonia, the problem is much worse. In these individuals, ordinary sounds that other people might find only mildly irritating or not notice at all — like chewing, pen clicking, slurping and the like — […]